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Google Nexus Tablet, Dubbed the “iPad Killer” Coming in Six Months [Video]

Google Tablet

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has a bold claim he is making in the Italian Press, that in 6 months Google will be releasing an Android based tablet called the Google Nexus Tablet that will truly be ready to challenge Apple’s iPad.

While the idea of the Google Nexus Tablet is not such breaking news, this is the first time that anyone from Google is putting a timeline on the project. There was rumor that Google wanted the Google Nexus Tablet on the stores by Black Friday, but those turned out to not be true.This also is not the first time that Schmidct has made a comment about the tablet to the general media.

During the interview he stated that Google, the world’s undisputed leader in Search Engine Technology, will be ready to market the Google Nexus Tablet, which will be an Android based tablet of the “Highest Quality” in six months. He also expects that the Google Nexus will directly challenge the Apple iPad and the Amazon Fire, which hints that Google is planning to compete in the e-book sphere as well as just the tablet market.

Google has reportedly been speaking to content providers such as book distributors and publishing houses as well as magazine distributors about content for the Google Nexus Tablet.

The blogosphere has been buzzing for days now about what Schmidt meant and whether the tablet will live up to the hype. Techies are also trying to figure out if the Google Nexus Tablet project is totally being done by Google or if Samsung is doing the heavy lifting. It is widely speculated that in order to live up to the quality comments made by the Google CEO, that Samsung has to have some part in the project.

Click below to see a video of the Google Chromium Tablet concept already released by Google.

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