Woman Tortured And Poisoned Man's Pit Bull And Posted The Video Online To Get Revenge, Reports Say

Woman Tortured And Poisoned Man’s Pit Bull And Posted The Video Online To Get Revenge, Reports Say

Animal cruelty is sad part of pet ownership in the world, but unfortunately happens all too often. With pit bulls, most have only heard of dog fighting rings, but sadly that is not the only thing that claims the breed’s life. The Inquisitr recently reported about Max the pit bull, who was dropped off at a local humane society, severely abused by his owners, at 6 months old. Max lived, but according to ABC 7 News, a New York pit bull was not so lucky.

A video surfaced online that showed a pit bull suffering and slowly dying. The video was posted to Facebook, and though it originated from Olean, New York, it was the Buffalo police that were alerted when many started seeing the video moving around the social networking site.

The Olean police chief explained thus to the Bradford Era.

“There was a Facebook post about this and Buffalo Police were told about it. They ended up calling the Erie County SPCA and they ended up contacting us about it.”

The video also showed a man holding the 5 year-old pit bull down while it howls in pain, convulses, and violently thrashes. Due to the graphic nature of the video, there does not seem to be any public posting of the video that details the finality of the crime.

The man in the video is the owner of Kita the pit bull, who was not named by authorities, who believes his ex-wife poisoned his dog to get back at him. 60 year-old Gertrude McQuiller and Kita’s owner are in the middle of a divorce at this time, and he believes this is part of the reason McQuiller murdered his dog.

According to ABC 9 News, when the police went to question McQuiller, she admitted her guilt. She explained that she fed the dog Xanax by placing it in the dog’s food bowl. She fed Kita the pills on December 23, but was finally arrested on New Year’s Eve. Police allege that, though many animal advocates who saw the video say she was suffering, Kita the pit bull died quickly.

Advocates and Kita the pit bull’s owners attempted to tend to the dying dog, but their efforts were in vain as it was too late. According to the Bradford Era, the police are charging the ex-wife with torturing and murdering an animal, which is a misdemeanor. She made a statement to the police that she tortured and ended Kita the pit bull’s life because she “felt abandoned.”

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