Abused Pup Gets Rescued, Becomes Guide Dog For Abused Blind Pup — Both Need Homes [Photos]

If you’ve ever owned two rescued dogs and watched them play together, cuddle together, and even console one another if one is scolded, you know how sensitive these once-homeless pets can be. Now a pair of abused dogs who have been rescued are showing just how deep that awareness of a pal’s needs can go, as one who is blind gets gently guided by his canine buddy.

Meet Denny and Drummond, saved in November by the Angel Among Us Pet Rescue group. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, CEO Lance White said that they were horrified at the abuse the two pups had suffered, reported Channel 11 News.

While Denny is fully blind, Drummond also has limited vision. But it’s enough to allow him to “see” for Denny.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue rescued the two dogs from the county animal shelter, where they were scheduled to be euthanized. The extent of their injuries, however, didn’t stop the rescue group from wanting to save them. And White notes that they immediately recognized the bond.

“They were together, you can tell that they were bonded, because one of them is blind and the other one is almost blind, there was no way we could pull one without pulling the other. We’ve definitely noticed that one of them seems to take care of the other one… It’s true. They [are] sort of a blind dog with a guide dog.”

The Cocker Spaniels, now healing, continue to spend all their time together. And although they aren’t brothers, they are forever bonded by devotion. As a result, when the dogs are healed and ready to find a home, the pet rescue group is determined to find a home that will take both dogs.

“They’re buddies. They’re definitely buddies,” confirmed Marcus Smith, DVM, of Chattahoochee Animal Hospital.

The dogs range from 4-years-old (Drummond) to 7- or 9-years-old (Denny). They first received emergency care to stabilize them before transporting them for additional treatment and rehabilitation. Dr. Smith described the extent of the neglect and injuries.

“They were in pretty bad shape. They had a really deep skin infection, they had significant eye infections — a lot of things going on with them that had been progressing over time… One developed a cataract.”

But although Dr. Smith noted that the dogs seemed to have been neglected for years, the pet rescue group discovered that the pups were sweet and loving, reported ABC News.

Karen Wallace took the dogs from the vet’s office to the shelter and commented on how gentle they were. But as a founding member of the pet rescue group, Wallace was still shocked to see the extent of their injuries.

“It was pretty horrible to see dogs in such shape.”

As for their future? White emphasized that once they recover, they can be adopted only as a duo. He’s observed Drummond even dashing to halt Denny before his puppy pal runs into a fence.

“Drummond is younger and he’s really looking out for the older one. We just feel like they’re family. I feel like they’re family. I would say they’re definitely going to be brothers from here on out.”

Once the dogs heal from the years of abuse that they suffered, they will be available for adoption from www.angelsrescue.org. And White emphasizes that their spirit will recover as well.

“It’s very nice to see that in animals, that they can actually take care of one another. Dogs are real resilient. They can overcome such catastrophes that have been done to them, and it’s amazing how resilient they are.”

Other pet rescue groups confirm that resiliency, such as DFW Rescue Me, located in the Dallas area. As the Inquisitr reported, the group’s volunteers saved three tiny 10-day-old puppies who had been shoved into a bag, then tossed into a dumpster.

And just as with the two abused dogs, it’s a situation that the rescue group has sadly seen before.

“These are not our first dumpster puppies,” confirmed dog foster mom Claire Fowler.

Among her responsibilities were bathing the little puppies, which they enjoyed, as shown below.

[Photo By China Photos/Getty Images]