Wrapping Paper Sales

Wrapping Paper Sales Point To Heavy Retail Traffic For 2011 Holiday Shopping

You can call it the holiday wrapping paper index or whatever you’d like but if wrapping paper sales in the U.S. are any indication it will have been a very good holiday season for U.S. retailers.

In attempting to gather a quick measurement about American confidence and an economic rebound analysts have found that wrapping paper sales, a necessity for wrapping goods purchased have sprung back to 2007 highs.

According to the Wall Street Journal in 2010 gift wrapping accounts for $9.36 billion in sales, up 4% from 2009 and now that number is suspecting of increasing by 10% in 2011.

It should be noted that the Gift Wrap Company, a major supplier of gift wrapping points to lower-cost rolls and traditional motifs as reason for part of their success in 2011.

As a spokesman for the company revealed:

“It’s the traditional colors, traditional Santa icons and snowmen,” said a spokesman. “Those kinds of things never go out of style.”

However if the cost per roll is lower and buyers are purchasing even more rolls it could mean that the 10% number has meant even more wrapping bought and therefore more presents under Christmas trees around the country.

The Inquisitr also recently reported that Christmas tree and Christmas decor spending has increased this year, a possible sign of a strengthening economy.

Retails stores in my area have for the most part appeared to be much more full than the last several years. In the meantime homeowners in my city have been decorating their homes with more lights and other decorations than they have in years, a sign that they have gotten back into American consumerism during the holidays.

Do you think American confidence has returned to the retail industry this holiday season or have buyers simply been trying to make up for sparse Christmas time gift giving since the 2008 mortgage meltdown?

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