Doctors Party During Surgery While Patient Lay Unconscious, Shared Photos On Instagram [Photos]

Doctors at the Jewelry Plastic Surgery Centre in Seoul, South Korea, have sparked quite a controversy due to pictures that surfaced online of a party they held at work. SCMP reports the big “party” had all of the making of an actual get-together with hamburgers, cookies, and even a decorated, candle-lit cake. But, there’s one problem with the entire scene — the unconscious patient laying on an operating table in the background of the pictures. Now, it looks like the cosmetic doctors won’t be throwing any more parties anytime soon.

According to the Guardian, South Korean health authorities learned of the professional failure when photos of the doctors’ party surfaced online. Apparently, a member of the staff uploaded the party photos on Instagram. Several media outlets have reported that a nurse’s assistant uploaded the pictures via Instagram and Twitter. She reportedly tweeted and bragged about having the privilege of eating in the operating room.

In one of the pictures, the staff can be seen standing around the candle-lit cake and, in another photo, the alleged nursing assistant who uploaded the pictures is holding a silicone breast implant to her chest, mocking the procedure. But, that’s not all! There’s one last photo where the entire surgical staff is seen eating hamburgers while the patient still lays unconscious. Needless to say, many viewers weren’t pleased with what they saw. Now, the cosmetic clinic is under investigation, reports the Mirror.

On Monday, Dec. 29, a spokeswoman from the Gangnam district’s public health department in Seoul released a statement in reference to the incident and the investigative plans going forward.

“Our officials are investigating the clinic to see if there was any violation of medical laws. They may look into whether such behavior damaged the reputation of medical practitioners.”

The Jewelry Plastic Surgery Centre also released a statement of apology on its website following the incident. “We are left devastated for causing such concerns among our clients … because of the senseless behavior,” the statement reportedly says. “We offer our deep apology… and will conduct thorough safety training for all our staff members.”

Do you think the doctors should be allowed to continue practicing following their party during surgery? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via Twitter]