Here Are Some Of The Best Natural Hangover Recipes You Can Whip Up In Your Kitchen Quickly

Hangovers are a natural and unavoidable successor to the New Year’s celebrations. Rather than popping pills, here are some of the best natural hangover recipes that you can instantly whip-up in your kitchen, even while nursing a hangover and a throbbing head which makes thinking clearly and straight, difficult.

New Year’s Eve is here and that means it’s time for celebrations. But majority of us won’t know when to cease drinking and will end up with a massive hangover the next day. Excessive drinking is certainly not recommended, but it is an inevitable reality that needs to be addressed rather than admonished. These natural recipes will allow you to stand on your feet and stay upright a lot faster and more naturally than any of the pills.

Avoid Coffee, Go For A Hot Ginger Tea Instead
Avoid coffee, go for a hot ginger tea instead.

Ginger Tea: Simple to prepare — make sure you add a lot of ginger in your tea. While coffee is one of the hot favorites, it is a diuretic, which will dehydrate you further. But the ginger tea contains the extracts of the most potent root that will quickly alleviate the nausea and dizziness. Avoid commercial ginger ale as it doesn’t have enough of the good stuff.

Quickly Make Some Hot Ginger Soup To Sooth Those Frayed Nerves
Quickly make some hot ginger soup to soothe those frayed nerves.

Garlic Soup: If tea doesn’t suit your fancy, a simple garlic soup, too, is an ideal natural hangover cure that can be made pretty quickly with whatever veggies are available in the fridge. Add a lot of herbs, cheese, and tomato juice, and savor it with garlic bread if you have some.

Eat An Asparagus Omelet, Instantly Feel Better
Eat an asparagus omelet, instantly feel better.

Asparagus Omelet: Whip a few eggs and make an omelet. Consume it with asparagus for added benefits. Eggs contain a lot of cysteine, an amino acid that helps your body break down toxins, while asparagus contains a big dose of Vitamin K, which will help improve brain function.

Homemade Pedialyte: It's Not Just Good For The Flu
Homemade Pedialyte: it’s not just good for the flu.

Homemade Pedialyte: If you need a strong natural hangover cure, quickly combine a few items and make a homemade Pedialyte. This electrolyte drink is ideal for anyone suffering from flu but is equally beneficial for anyone nursing a hangover. You could also make a hangover smoothie.

Crave Something Cold? There's A Pepto-Bismol Ice Cream To Cure Hangovers
Crave something cold? There’s a Pepto-Bismol ice cream to cure hangovers.

Pepto-Bismol Ice Cream: Interestingly, while the body may feel all warm inside with anything that is consumed hot, there’s a Pepto-Bismol ice cream for those who hate drinking the pink stuff and prefer something cold. The creator assures it tastes a lot better than the one available with your pharmacist.

If all else fails and you do not have anything in your kitchen, just reach out for a jar of pickles and down a few gulps of pickle juice. While it may not be the tastiest of natural remedies, many swear it works. Apparently, Australians have a beer to cure hangovers, too.

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