Kris Humphries Booed by 20,000 Fans [Video]

The sudden mass hatred of Kris Humphries was confirmed Wednesday night, after the 26-year-old power forward was booed by 20,000 Knicks fans.

In his first game since re-signing with the Nets (a one-year contract said to be worth $8 million), Humphries was left in no doubt about the strength of feelings against him. As he took the court at Madison Square Garden, the entire stadium broke into a chorus of boos. His first touch of the ball elicited a similar response.

The disdainful treatment of Humphries (previously a player who most people would feel quite indifferent about) comes after reality TV star Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from him after a mere 72 days of marriage.

Is the booing justified? I don’t think so, but then rival sports fans will always find a reason to try and get under the skin of these millionaire athletes. Certainly, soccer players in England get quite the bashing for any perceived wrongdoing in their private life. I don’t personally buy the argument of “we paid for these tickets, we should be allowed to question that sportsman’s mother’s nocturnal habits,” but clearly a lot of people feel differently.

To be fair to Humphries, he takes it it all without batting an eyelid. Here’s the clip:

Oh dear. Something tells me the lad better get used to this.