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Wife Of D.A. Killer Pleads Guilty: ‘Joyous’ After Murders Of Prosecutor And Wife, She Testifies

Kim Williams, wife of Texas judge-turned-killer Eric Williams entered a guilty plea Tuesday to admitting that she took part in the three revenge killings over Easter weekend of 2013 that left the Kaufman County District Attorney and his wife, as well as his top assistant dead.

By taking the deal to plead guilty and testify against her now-estranged husband, 48-year-old Kim Williams eludes the gas chamber, and gives herself at least a chance of seeing the outside of a prison again someday, as she was slapped with a 40-year sentence in the three, cold-blooded murders.

Eric Williams, 47, was convicted of capital murder by a jury in Rockwall, Texas, on December 4, and sentenced to death.

The Williams couple was enraged that Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McClelland and his assistant, Mark Haase, had prosecuted Eric Williams on a theft charge, which led to the loss of Williams’ position as a justice of the peace as well as the revocation of his law license, leaving him without a job.

Williams was accused of stealing three computer monitors that were county property. After his conviction on the charge, Williams began creating a hit list, marking for death all those whom he believed had wronged him by pressing the theft accusation.

Williams shot and killed Haase on a Kaufman, Texas, street in January of 2013, just blocks away from the courthouse where he worked — the same courthouse where Kim Williams plead guilty to his murder almost two years later.

Two months after gunning down Haase, Eric Williams entered the McClelland home and shot both the district attorney, who was 63, and his 65-year-old wife, Cynthia, to death.

Kim Williams admitted driving a getaway car for her husband in the Haase murder, then helping Eric Williams get rid of weapons and evidence after he brutally executed the McClelland couple.

She said that she shared in her husband’s desire to see his perceived enemies dead, telling the court, “his anger was my anger.”

After the McClelland killings, Kim Williams decsribed her mood and that of her husband and “happy, joyous.”

At least two other prosecutors were named on Eric Williams’ death list, Kim Williams testified, adding that her husband planned to kill her and himself if he was able to complete the task of murdering everyone he believed deserved to die for ruining his livelihood.

The wife of the revenge killer admitted she was also present at the McClelland home, when her husband killed the couple, when she entered her guilty plea Tuesday.