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Man arrested for riding a horse under the influence. Bonus: in a snow storm


A Wyoming man was arrested last week for riding a horse under the influence…in a snow storm.

28 year old Benjamin Daniels was arrested after a concerned motorist rang police saying Daniels was a road risk because it was difficult to see him, on his white horse, in the snow storm.

Police officers pulled Daniels over to explain that he was creating a driving hazard, when they smelled alcohol on his breath. A trip to the local jail for the night, and a blood test later, Daniels was released.

The Edmonton Sun reports that a friend collected the horse.

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One Response to “Man arrested for riding a horse under the influence. Bonus: in a snow storm”

  1. John Smith

    I had a similar even once when I was driving in a snow storm and the person with a WHITE CAR wouldn't turn on their lights. I flashed my lights for him to turn his on, nothing. After miles of dangerous driving and not able to see the guy, we finally all came to a stop at a gas station and I asked him why he didn't turn on his lights (as required by law during a snow storm).

    He said, "I don't have to. I have a sensor on the car that turns them on for me when its required."

    What an idiot… I should have filed a complaint with the DAs office and filed charges myself.

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