Jennifer Lee Wilson: Pimp Mom Arrested For Prostituting Teen Daughter In Sex Trafficking Case

Jennifer Lee Wilson, a Washington mother, was arrested for prostituting out her daughter. According to KBOI-2, the 44-year-old Snohomish County mother drove her teen daughter to meet new clients, guided her daughter as she had sex with clients, and then took the money.

According to police records, Jennifer Lee Wilson wanted her daughter to be so good at what she was doing, that she would teach her daughter how to perform with the clients if there was a question through text messages. Police say she would drive her daughter to meet the clients, and then demanded her earnings. A family member told officers that they believe that her mother began pimping out her own daughter since age 11.

Law enforcement officers began investigating the case after a suspicious ad on Backdoor, advertising the sex services for an 18-year-old woman caught their attention. When investigators traced the ad to the girl’s Facebook page, it was discovered that the child prostitute was just 15 years old at the time.

During the police investigation, it was also discovered that the girl’s own mother was setting up these meetings for her daughter. When the teen girl was questioned by police, she told them that her mother took $2,000 that she earned while having sex with different men.

A quick snapshot of Jennifer Wilson’s Facebook page shows an affluent-looking woman who simply loves to live the good life. There is barely any indication that this woman was a pimp mom who earned her lavish living by taking money from her own daughter. Jennifer Wilson’s Facebook page has since been deleted.

Authorities say they are trying to crack down on sex trafficking. And though Jennifer Lee Wilson rationalized that her daughter was under her protective watch, it is still considered sex trafficking. Shari Ireton, spokesperson for the police department, had this to say to KBOI-2.

“This woman was complicit in the rape of a child for money, several times.()It appeared that there was a relative to the victim who was actually setting up some of the transactions that were taking place.()We’re not trying to go out and punish someone for being a bad parent()What we’re trying to do is really put the teeth into laws that have been enacted recently regarding sex trafficking.”

Jennifer Lee Wilson was arrested and charged with promoting sex abuse of a minor. She must appear in court on January 6, according to Oregon Live. The daughter, whose name has not been made public, is currently in the custody of her biological father, sources say. In November, Inquisitr reported on the arrest of Yolanda Ostoloza,—another mother who pimped out her own daughter for money.

[ Photo Credit: Facebook]