President Obama sides with terrorists against FBI

Obama Sides With Terrorists, Turning On FBI [Video]

In November, the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) front groups supporting a dangerous, well-known jihadist terrorist organization by the name of Muslim Brotherhood, which is based in Egypt, as reported by Live Leak.

Both the CAIR and MAS were officially placed on the UAE’s “foreign terrorist organizations” list. The CAIR had already been blacklisted and had all ties severed with the United States FBI in 2009 due to their connection with Hamas, which is listed by the U.S. as a terrorist organization.

The FBI cited that the CAIR is “not an appropriate liaison partner,” as reported by Conservative Tribune in light of hard evidence that linked the group directly to Hamas. Gaza is run by Hamas and was discovered to be an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The decision made by the UAE to blacklist CAIR and MAS did not sit well with those groups. It seemed outrageous to them that an Arab country would make such a decision. The leaders of CAIR and MAS decided to run to the aid of one of their biggest supporters — The President of the United States, Barack Obama.

WND reveals that CAIR posted a statement on their website that “two United States-based Islamic groups met with senior government officials on December 22, and pledged to work together to counter a decision by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on November 15 to put CAIR and MAS on its list of foreign terrorist group.”

Based on that statement alone, President Obama is agreeing to rectify what he feels is an injustice to groups that the UAE and the United States very own FBI consider to be dangerous and violent terrorists.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn has her own opinion of President Obama‘s decision to work directly with CAIR and MAS leadership in an attempt to have UAE remove the groups from their “foreign terrorist organizations” list. Not to mention going behind the FBI’s back to do such a thing, as reported by WND.

“The president is going exactly in the opposite direction of trying to stamp out terrorism.”

If you are still having trouble believing that President Obama would knowingly attempt to assist known terrorist organizations, let’s review a bit of factual history.

It has been documented that federal prosecutors named CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial over a plot to fund Hamas. WND reveals that in November 2008, “in the biggest terrorism financing trial in U.S. History, Holy Land Foundation members were convicted of sending millions of dollars to Hamas.”

WND continues by stating that the Justice Department prosecutors implicated CAIR and other prominent Islamic organizations within the United States in the conspiracy. These groups were acting on the behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Surely, Obama is up to speed on such cases that took place on his watch as the United States President. Yet, he is still meeting with these groups to have decisions overturned in their favor which makes his actions questionable in the very least. Rep. Michele Bachmann agrees as she reveals in her statement.

“It’s interesting that the administration has parted ways with it’s own position and is now meeting with a U.S. court designated co-conspirator of terrorist financing.”

Since 2006, numerous leaders and staffers of CAIR have pleaded guilty and been convicted on terrorist charges. It was reported, according to DNR that Omar Ahmad, CAIR founder, explained to a group of Muslims that their purpose in America is “not to assimilate, but to help assert Islam’s rule over the country.”

Yet, as recently as Monday, Jeff Rathke, State Department spokesman said, “The United States does not consider these U.S. organizations (CAIR and MAS) to be terrorist organizations.” Rathke says the Obama administration has asked the UAE for an explanation and information justifying their decision.

Conservative Tribune reveals that a reporter asked Rathke point blank why the head of CAIR has been a guest at the White House, and why he frequently visits the State Department. Among the “um’s” and “uh’s,” Rathke unconvincingly claims that CAIR is just one of many “faith-based groups” which meets with U.S. government officials.

Bachmann has introduced a bill based on clear evidence that CAIR is a front group for jihadis. In her bill, she is asking the Obama administration to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization — a bill which she is certain Obama will veto.

“CAIR is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, as is the Muslim Student Association, and they try to present a storefront view of moderate, mainstream Muslim thought when, in fact, they are just the opposite,” declares Bachmann as reported by Conservative Tribune.

While CAIR describes the UAE decision to blacklist their group as “shocking and bizarre,” Bachmann adamantly states, “They (CAIR) tend to be the mask covering up violent jihad across the globe. They pretend to be the mouthpiece of moderation when, in fact, they are anything but.”

Thanks to President Barack Obama, the United States may have the first president to aid in the assistance of terrorists. What a proud nation this should be to have elected Obama.

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