NXT Championship Every PPV? Yes Please

WWE: NXT Championship Match Should Be Mainstay On Monthly PPVs

NXT has been arguably the best thing WWE has produced in years.

The energy, enthusiasm, and unbelievable talent on display every episode has scratched professional wrestling fans — not “sports entertainment” — right where they itched.

It’s been a proving ground for some of the main roster’s best talents, and it’s about time the company started treating it like the big deal that it is.

One way of doing that would be to put a NXT Championship match on display at each and every pay-per-view in 2015.

The company has already indicated that it wanted NXT to become its own beast. Rather than a “minor league” (that’s often better than the “majors”), the goal was to have it be a major into itself and the only thing stopping that from happening is Vince McMahon.

Right now NXT is restricted in its place on the WWE Network. Let’s look at how that’s hurting everyone in Stamford, shall we?

The WWE needs more subscribers. The way to do that is to show non-subscribers what they’re missing in terms of exclusive programming. Since NXT and its occasional two-hour live events are the best exclusives the network has, you would think that McMahon would want the best talents front-and-center at the company’s biggest shows.

This would strengthen the bond between hardcore wrestling fans and the main product, add weight to the weekly NXT broadcasts, give non-subscribers a reason to pay their $9.99 per month, and allow their rising stars to gain more experience in front of larger crowds, which is, supposedly, a goal of Triple H — to grow NXT larger until it is its own distinct brand.

To keep things fresh, you wouldn’t have to make it the same title on display each month. One month, you could have the women’s champion defend.

Follow that up with a tag match.

Then Sami Zayn and the world title (or whoever is wearing it at the time).

It could be a showcase, but a showcase that means something more than, “Hey, look at us.”

Plus, it would be yet another way to promote the company’s main pay-per-view programming as each NXT show, a storyline builds closer to the payoff at Royal Rumble or TLC or WrestleMania.

And as main roster talent and NXT talent brushed shoulders backstage, it could set up some fun cross-promotional feuds to elevate the “training ground” promotion into something truly special.

What do you think, readers? Is it time to put a NXT Championship match at every pay-per-view? Sound off in our comments section.