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Ron Paul Walks Off CNN Interview [Video]

Ron Paul Speech

Ron Paul was interviewing with CNN’s Gloria Borger on Wednesday when questions he didn’t feel like answering were raised, leading to the GOP candidate unclipping his microphone and saying “Goodbye” as he walked off the set.

According to reports the source of the friction came when Paul was asked about campaign newsletters that came out 20 years ago with Ron Paul’s name attached. In those letters both racist and homophobic slurs were made.

The line of questioning isn’t new, it also came up during the candidates 2008 run for President. Since that time his answer has remained unchanged:

“I didn’t write them. I didn’t read them at the time and I disavow them. That is your answer.”

The questions were asked after the Weekly Standard once again wrote about the newsletters earlier in the week.

In one of the more controversial 1992 newsletter statements about the Los Angeles riots the newsletter stated:

“Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.”

According to Ron Paul the newsletter used his name and his campaign but he didn’t write or pay attention to the newsletters that staffers working for him at the time circulated.

Apparently Ron Paul was able to make money off the publications he never paid attention to which has in turn allowed the question of his involvement remain open for so long.

Here’s a Mediate capture of the CNN walkoff:

Do you think Ron Paul should have been more responsible when approving messages with his name on them or should he have been able to trust his staffers?

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15 Responses to “Ron Paul Walks Off CNN Interview [Video]”

  1. Scott Blevins

    A Ron Paul presidency means that tens of thousands of African American men will be returning to their families, communities and churches. They can begin working and re-building their lives. That is precisely what will happen if Ron Paul is serious about ending the War on Drugs and pardoning non-violent drug offenders.

    A Ron Paul presidency means that the bombs and drone missiles will stop dropping on Arabs, Africans, and Asians.

    A Ron Paul presidency means that the Federal government will no longer threaten the interests of gays who want to pursue marriage in their respective states.

    No Republican or Democrat (not even Obama) is promising these things, they neutralize the “Ron Paul is a racist” charge, and they expose Obama (and the GOP) for the damage they have allowed the War on Drugs to do to African American communities.

  2. Carol Gleason

    Look at Ron Paul's decades in public service. He has never said, done or written anything that fits with the racist nature of some of the newsletters, which were written by staffers while he was busy with his medical practice. Can you even picture him distorting someone's name to make fun of them? Get real!

    Here is a TX NAACP leader who knows Ron Paul, saying he is in no way racist.

    in a radio interview:
    NAACP Nelson Linder speaks on Ron Paul and racism.

    in an article about another radio interview:
    'NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist'.

    Or you can listen to Ron Paul's debate responses on African American and minority issues at The All American Presidential Forums on PBS:

    This has been asked and answered every time Ron Paul ran for reelection to Congress over the past 20-some years, as well as during his runs for the presidency. Ron Paul wants to focus on the issues in the campaign, not on things that have long since been asked, answered and dismissed as nonsense.

  3. Ericia Phillips

    Ron Paul is not racist. He wants to do more for justice and equality for minorities than any candidate running for the presidency and that includes Obama! I'm saying this as black woman. These are the same dirty tricks and tactics the media tried with Rand Paul. I'm a black democrat and I just registered as a republican to vote Ron Paul.

  4. James Mears

    It has been asked and answered. He answered you and you kept asking and bringing it up. The media is the problem here. You are trying to generate some controversy.

  5. Katie Swanson

    CNN is pathetic. He has answered this question a million times. This is just the media trying to create an issue because they have nothing they can legitimately use against Ron Paul. Then to ask him to take down the Newt ad? Pathetic!
    The media is the problem, big government is the problem and shame on you at CNN for your pathetic attempt. That's what you are people. Pathetic!

  6. Ben Meltzer

    He didn't walk off. They broadcast a post-interview exchange. If it were the actual interview, she wouldn't have been apologizing like that. And if he had really fled, she would have acted more startled and done more to try and stop him. Watch all the edits. They made it sound like answers applied to different questions and made it look like he stormed off. Now it's gaining traction and they should hang their heads in shame.

  7. Ed Miller

    I don't believe Paul is a racist. On the other hand Orthodox hardline Jews, who are major players in controlling U.S. media, and support more "settlements" in Israel (and more U.S. monetary support) would like to see Paul discredited and, hence, the reason for all this media resurrection of an old and previously discredited accusation.

  8. Aaron Rosier

    is transparency the same as regulation?

    in other words, could the solution for Ron Paul be:
    No regulation of political campaign contribution limits, etc.. but complete documentation and public disclosure of where the money comes from?

    in that scenario, although the money can be spent as people see fit, the general public always has the awareness of which sorts of large corporations or groups are attempting to porportionally skew politicans behavior with money.

  9. Dan Shyu

    I'll be first to admit. I don't agree with Ron Paul on a lot of issues. A lot of his views dose sound wacko to many people. But one thing you cannot accuse the man of, is being a racist.

    He was working as a doctor in a poor neighborhood filled with minorities for often free of any charges. He spent most of his life deliverying babies of all races for free. Call him crazy, call him naive, but you definitly cannot call him a racist.

  10. Joshua Huisenga

    The following is a REPOST from "Mittens", which I found on:

    Gloria Borger is married to Lance Morgan. Morgan is according to the web site of his employer, Powell Tate,“chief communications strategist at Powell Tate in Washington, D.C. He specializes in developing and executing communications strategies for public policy debates, crisis communications and media training.”

    So who might be the clients of Powell Tate, where Borger’s husband is “chief communications strategist and crisis communications” adviser for?

    Just about every part of the military industrial-complex that Ron Paul wants to shrink or shutdown. According to the Powell Tate web site, they are strategic communications for among others:

    The U.S. Army

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    The U.S Agency for International Development

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    Bottom line Gloria Borger’s husband is as inside Washington DC as you can get.

    This was a total hit job, bringing up decades old accusations about a newsletter that everyone agrees was written by others, while Dr. Paul was practicing medicine. Further, as Justin Ramindo has clearly shown, most of the charges were made by people who couldn’t have read the
    newsletters in full context.

    Prior to joining the firm in 1988, Morgan served as press secretary and spokesman for the U.S. Senate Iran-Contra investigating committee, which was led by Senators Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI) and Warren Rudman (R-NH). He was a principal writer and editor of the committee's majority report on the investigation. From 1983 to 1986, Morgan was press secretary to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY). During his congressional service, Morgan routinely prepared Democrats and Republicans for newspaper and television interviews.
    Before his Senate service, Morgan was a journalist for British and American newspapers.

    He is married to Gloria Borger, Senior Political Analyst at CNN.

    Sen Inouye is the dude that shut down that question during the Ollie North hearings about the suspension of the Constitution during times of emergency.

    Morgan wrote the bullshit Iran/Contra report which covered up so many things including…

    The Presidio Child Abuse Scandal

    The extent of the narcotics trafficking to the US

    The extent of the arms trafficking to terrorist regimes

    And most important (especially right now)…


    These people really are all connected!

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