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Google Let It Snow Trick Goes Viral, Brings Everyone A White Christmas

Google Let It Snow

Google this week debuted a new homepage search trick that allows users to make the homepage snow and then frost over.

To complete the trick simply type in the search phrase “Let It Snow” and then click on the search magnifying glass to experience the effect.

As you can see in the screen capture above the Google Let It Snow feature makes snowflakes fall from the top of the display, shortly afterwards the screen starts to frost over like the window of a car in the winter.

Wait a few more seconds and a defrost button appears at the top of the display.

Google Defrost Trick

Clicking defrost brings the Google display back into focus as snow flakes continue to fall until the user creates another search term or exits the Google search page.

If you want to have a little more fun before clicking on defrost you can hold down your left mouse button and move your mouse cursor across the screen to “scrape” ice off your computer display.

The Google Let It Snow feature of course isn’t the first homepage trick for Google, they recently released the barrel roll feature and earlier in the year they actually placed a playable version of Pac-Man on the home search display.

Google started their Google Doodle’s years ago and have most recently been playing with HTML5, Javascript and other features to help their homepage stand out as they face increased competition from the likes of

The Google Let It Snow features comes one year after a search for the holiday of Hanukkah led to specialized decorations appearing across the search engines homepage.

Here is a shortcut link of the search to save you typing it in.

Do you like the new snow falling feature? What’s your favorite Google trick to date involving homepage searches?

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15 Responses to “Google Let It Snow Trick Goes Viral, Brings Everyone A White Christmas”

  1. Chris Anger

    I don't know whether anyone else knows, but if you do this easter egg on a macbook that has a shock sensor, the snow will fall in a different direction.

  2. Andrea Fechner

    Did you type in "let it snow" into the search window and then click "search"? Do that, wait, the snow starts, then the page fogs over. At that point, you can use your cursor to "scrape" the ice from the page!

  3. Jordan Firari

    Mike Phoebus I think it's like the iPhone, if you tilt it, it will change direction. I don't have a Mac and have not tired this on my iPhone yet, though

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