Betty White Christmas Hippo

Betty White Adorably Dances With Craig Ferguson And A Hippo For Christmas

Betty White is the last remaining Golden Girl, and one of the most adorable people on the face of the planet. She’s had to deal with rumors of her death, working all the time, and just being awesome. She was a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week and she got a surprise that involved Christmas, dancing, and a hippo.

Let’s just say that Betty White became even more adorable.

Vulture reported that her appearance on the show was just to talk over things with Craig Ferguson and what she has been up to in her life. That was when he dropped his little Christmas treat on her after asking her about her favorite song for the holidays.

White was all ready for the holidays in a festive red jacket and just looking great at her spirited age of 92 years old. The Hot in Cleveland star was asked if her favorite song was “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” because that happened to be something that Ferguson had “overheard.”

She smiled and that was when the curtain rolled back and a chorus began gleefully singing the song. With that, her smile got even bigger as she yelled out, “I love it.”

That was far from all, though, as a pink hippopotamus came out in front of the chorus and began dancing around and singing on stage. That was when Betty White had enough and decided to join in on the fun.

She sauntered out to the middle of the stage with Ferguson and decided to take part in the Christmas enjoyment by dancing, singing, and riling up the audience, as reported by InStyle.

Shortly after Betty White was out on stage dancing around with Ferguson, the chorus, and the hippo, they were joined by another guest. Well, if you can call it a guest. A horse (costume) made it out to dance around and sing the joyous holiday tune.

Seriously, the more you watch the clip, the more you wonder how everyone on stage wasn’t committed.

Of course, the more you end up watching the clip of Betty White dancing to her favorite Christmas tune with Craig Ferguson and a hippo, the more you just keep on smiling. The longtime actress became a trending topic on Facebook, Twitter, and all social media, but that should come as no surprise as she’s always been a hot topic.

Deb may have said it best though when it comes to Betty White’s Christmas romp.

[Image via CBS]