Valerie Morrow: Woman Tells Reporter ‘If You Find Me Dead, He Did It’ Hours Before Ex-Boyfriend Kills Her

Valerie Morrow obtained an order of protection against her police officer ex-boyfriend, but the Pennsylvania woman sensed that she was in danger and told a local television reporter, “If you find me dead, he did it.”

Just hours later her grim premonition came true, as Colwyn Borough Police Department officer Stephen Rozniakowski reportedly kicked down her door wearing a bulletproof vest and gunned her down.

Police said Rozniakowski was due in court on a separate stalking charge, and just hours before the shooting was given an order to stay away from Morrow. When police issued the order they took Rozniakowski’s service weapon and asked if he had another other weapons. He said he did not.

But Morrow still feared for her life, so she reached out to NBC10 Investigative reporter Harry Hairston and said that her ex-boyfriend was trying to kill her.

Valerie Morrow told Hairston that she dated Stephen Rozniakowski for a few months, but ended the relationship in August to reunite with her husband. She said Rozniakowski then snapped, calling and sending threatening messages. Police said he also keyed Morrow’s car at a parking garage, and were in the midst of drawing up charges when the shooting took place.

It was just after 9 p.m. on Monday when Rozniakowski went to Morrow’s home and began firing. He also wounded Morrow’s teenage daughter before Valerie’s husband, a police officer from another town, shot and wounded Rozniakowski.

“He came up the steps with his gun drawn, and as soon as he saw Mrs. Morrow and her daughter in the hallway, he started repeatedly firing at them in their direction, striking Mrs. Morrow and also hitting her 15-year-old daughter,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said yesterday.

Whelan said the incident could have been even more grim had the husband not stopped the attack.

“He went there to execute the entire family, in my opinion. I have no doubt about that,” he said.

After the shooting Stephen Rozniakowski called in the shooting to the police department, seemingly admitting that he was responsible.

“I am the actor,” the 32-year-old told dispatchers.

Stephen Rozniakowski is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday for charges of murdering ex-girlfriend Valerie Morrow.

[Image via NBC10]