Fedex Wreck

News That Will Leave You Cringing If You Sent Any Christmas Presents Via Fedex

Some holiday shippers are feeling a little nervous this week after a couple different FedEx accidents that left boxes littered across America’s highways. Two separate FedEx accidents have been reported that show hundreds of boxes tossed across the roads, causing traffic jams and backups.

The first FedEx incident occurred on December 15, just 10 days before Christmas, in New Jersey. Images show the wrecked FedEx truck with packages flowing out of the sides. However, Yahoo News reports that a second FedEx delivery truck made it quickly to the scene and began to load the salvageable packages. The spill caused the exit to be closed until the truck (and packages) could be removed from the street.

Fortunately, it looks as though at least a large portion of the packages were not destroyed. Let’s just hope that the FedEx facility or shipper did an extra good job packing any breakable items.

Numerous Twitter users posted photos of the FedEx wreck in New Jersey which sent people running to check their FedEx tracking for possible “delays.”

Sadly, it seems that FedEx isn’t having any holiday luck. A second FedEx truck filled with packages wrecked the following day in the middle of Georgia. According to AJC, the wreck happened on I-75 which caused major traffic jams and backups. The packages didn’t seem to fare as well in the Georgia accident as they did in the New Jersey crash. In fact, it appears many packages were completely lost.

In fact, the news report notes that workers were using bulldozers to push the packages out of the road. If they survived the crash, it is unlikely they would survive the bulldozer.

Did you send any holiday gifts this year via FedEx? If so, have you checked your tracking number to ensure your packages weren’t on either of these ill-fated FedEx trucks?

No injuries were reported from either accident.