Texas Mother Freed

Texas Mother Hannah Overton Free To Go After Spending Years In Prison For Foster Son’s Murder

Texas mother Hannah Overton spent seven years in prison for a murder she’s saying she didn’t commit. Overton was in prison for seven years for the murder of a young foster child. Now she gets to go home to spend the holiday with her family.

After granting Overton a hearing, a judge set her bond at $50,000 and the mother was released from the county jail. Although she was released, the district attorney already has plans to try this case again on capital murder charges. A trial is still pending.

According to ABC News, the Texas court overturned her conviction and life sentence for the death of her four-year-old foster son, Andrew Burd. At the time of Andrew’s supposed murder, she and her husband Larry were trying to adopt him.

The mother of five was convicted back in 2007 with the claim that she was “force-feeding” Andrew the right amount of salt to kill him. At the time of her conviction she didn’t have any prior arrests or charges. She was even breastfeeding her newborn and pregnant with her fifth child.

The Texas mother had learned of her release via an email. In an exclusive interview with ABC, she told them at the time.

“[The email] said, ‘Congratulations. The court of criminal appeals voted on your behalf, seven to two, and you’ll be going home. “I said, ‘is this real?’ and I started tearing up. I was like, ‘does this say what I think it says?’ … I gave it to a friend, and she looked at it and she started crying, and then I was like, ‘OK, it does say what I think it says.'”

Overton’s husband Larry is relieved that his wife has been released, but he’s realistic about the challenges they face now that Hanna is free, especially with their children who have missed their mother for seven years.

“You know, for me it’s just like it’s been so much that’s changed in the past seven years for them that they have time to catch up for that, but I think there’s going to be a lot of things like that. It’s going to be tough for them.”

At the time of Hannah’s conviction Larry was also up for murder, but he was then offered a plea deal and ultimately was given probation. Then the charges were dismissed from his case.

Overton discussed the reality of losing time with her children. “Loose teeth, first day of kindergarten, last day of kindergarten. My son’s in high school now. I’ve missed, you know, so many things.”

As for Andrew Burd, the family never had the chance to mourn his death due to the instant speculation and subsequent trial. “It’s somebody’s worst nightmare. After your child dies to be told that somebody think it’s your fault.”

[Image via ABC News]