Carmike Cinemas Not Showing The Interview, Boycott Planned

Carmike Cinemas Targeted For Boycott After Pulling ‘The Interview’

A Carmike Cinemas boycott is now likely after the theater chain pulled The Interview due to demands made via terroristic threatening.

The controversial comedy has been blamed for a string of Sony hacks that have thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated the company over the last week.

While many of the hacks have been harmless to the general public, a recent one promised a reaction reminiscent of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on any theater that follows through with showing the film.

North Korea is believed to be behind the cyber attacks on Sony as well as the threat of violence, though the country has still not taken credit.

U.S. authorities do not feel the threat of terrorism is plausible, having found no evidence of a major operation that would be able to execute in the manner that the threats have promised.

Nevertheless, Carmike Cinemas has decided to play it safe and pull the film anyway — a move that may not end up being economically safe if the Carmike Cinemas boycott plans continue.

The hashtag #boycottcarmikecinemas was picking up a great deal of steam on late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. As you can see, people are not happy, and the theater chain has not responded at this time.

But what do you think, readers? Is a Carmike Cinemas boycott going overboard or exactly how America needs to respond to threats over The Interview? Sound off in our comments section.