Bruno Mars And His Hair Won The Voice

‘The Voice’ Finale: Are We Sure Bruno Mars (And His Hair) Didn’t Win?

Warning, this article contains a major spoiler for the outcome of The Voice. If you haven’t watched and don’t know who won, you may want to skip this article!

Okay, so The Voice just officially ended its seventh season.

The winner was announced it was a huge victory for Team Blake, who defied the odds to produce a winner in country/rock singer Craig Wayne Boyd.

However, despite all the fun that this Voice contestant had on stage with the wonderful Lynyrd Skynyrd, he was denied the moment of the night.

As was every other Voice finalist.

No, the moment of the night belonged to singer Bruno Mars — and his hair.

The singer performed the smash hit “Uptown Funk” and Voice viewers couldn’t help but notice the golden curlers.

It was an amazing performance. It had all the attitude, swagger, and (of course) funk we’ve come to expect from a star like Bruno Mars.

And really, it takes one heck of a confident individual to strut around on stage in front of the millions of viewers tuned into The Voice season finale with your hair in curlers.

Bruno Mars rocked the stage, and it was quite a spectacle to behold.

Especially when you remember that Voice finalist Chris Jamison tried his hand at a cover of the song a few weeks ago.

Bruno Mars wouldn’t be the only artist to take the stage to perform a song covered by a Voice contestant during the season.

We saw Hozier take the stage with a song Voice runner-up Matt McAndrew performed earlier in the season.

And Ed Sheeran featured with “Thinking Out Loud”, which had been previously performed by Voice contestant Luke Wade.

In retrospect, you kind of feel like The Voice sold out its contestants by getting them to do covers by popular artists, knowing full well that they wanted to get these people onto the show for “bragging rights.”

The problem is that comparisons are inevitable.

Although Chris Jamison did his best, watching Bruno Mars work, it was that Bruno was more in tune with the song and gave the superior performance on The Voice.

Speaking of which, The Voice was probably feeling really good about its star-studded finale, but they seemed to have forgotten that the point of a show like this is to make a star.

When celebrities are outshining your finalists left, right, and center, it’s not a good look.

Luckily for Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd, it was clear he was welcome on stage with Lynyrd Skynyrd and he seemed to stand out as the most comfortable and “right” on stage.

I thought Fall Out Boy was going to push poor Voice finalist Matt McAndrew off the stage.

And Jennifer Hudson helped Damien Lawson give his weakest performance to date. I’m still not sure whether Damien was star struck or the victim of a “diva sing-off” instead of what was supposed to be a duet.

But getting back to Bruno Mars (and his hair), that’s probably going to be the most memorable moment of the season.

And with The Voice still trying to bring the world a talent we are expected to root for and care about beyond the show… that’s not a good sign.

Was Bruno Mars and his golden curlers your moment of the night? If not, what stood out most?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official YouTube]