valet attandant takes joyride inside Corvette

Valet Attendant Takes Out 2015 Corvette For A Joyride Inside Parking Lot: Caught On Camera! [Video]

Terrified of handing over your shiny new car to a valet attendant? Here is one more reason to fear them!

A valet attendant in Costa Mesa, California was reportedly fired from his job after a customer posted a video of the valet taking a 2015 Corvette for a little joyride. According to Fox News, the owner of the Corvette, Dan Cowles and his wife were visiting the Segerstrom Center for the Arts for a concert on Sunday. Once at the venue, he handed over the keys of the vehicle to the valet attendant. Before he did that, he switched on the “Valet Mode” that the 2015 Chevrolet C7 comes with.

When Cowles got back home after the concert, he realized that the Corvette’s valet mode system had something in store for him. The system which is a part of the Corvette C7’s Performance Data Recorder has a feature when enables a dash cam as well as enforces certain locks once it goes into valet mode. Cowles figured out that after he handed over the keys to the valet attendant, he had apparently gone for a little joyride – INSIDE the parking lot – and it was all caught on camera!

In the video which has been posted (and taken down several times), it is seen that the valet attendant is enjoying every bit of driving the Corvette. In the last leg of his run, he is seen stepping up on the pedal and accelerating from 0 to 50 mph in a few seconds. Luckliy for the owner though, the valet attandant did not have the guts to take the car out of the parking lot. After the joyride is over, the valet parks the Corvette in a reserved parking space walks towards the front of the car to check if there is any damage to the car. Apparently, he thought he had bumped the car on to the concrete wall near the reserved parking spot.

Miffed at what he saw in the video, Dan Cowles called up the valet company and reported about the incident. Later, Cowles told ABC News,

“The first thing I saw was that he went 50 mph, he went 0 to 50, which is pretty obvious what he was doing. When he parked the car into the stall, he went out of the car and looked at the front end of the car … I was concerned about damage about the front of the car, but fortunately there was no damage.”

Cowles, who later said he could not believe what he saw, adds;

“You hear stories about valet, you see things in the past and you hope that’s an exception and not the norm,” he said.

The valet company initially took objection to the video that Cowles had posted to YouTube and asked him to take it down because it was “illegal”. Cowles had to remind him that since there was no audio in the clip recorded by the car’s own security system, it is very much legal.

Later the owner of the valet company told Cowles that he had fired the valet attendant who was at the wheel when he did this.

Do you think it was correct of the valet attendant to do this while driving a customer’s Corvette?

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