Google's top searches 2014

Google Most Popular Searches 2014: Robin Williams, World Cup, Ebola Top The List

As 2014 comes to a close, Google is looking back to determine what were the most popular searches this year. People typed in, more than any other terms, Robin Williams, the World Cup, and Ebola.

In a video that comes with the release of the list of most popular Google searches, the engine states that there were trillions of searches this year and asks, “What does this say about us?”

When users search Google they look for hope, fear, and science more than fiction. People also search for things they love, such as movies and music. They also look for greatness in sports, such as was the case with the World Cup and the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Colombian soccer star James Rodriguez, Image via Twitter

In a tumultuous year marked by international conflicts in places like Crimea, the most mysterious airline disappearance in history (Malaysia Airlines MH370), terrorism in the form of innocent girls’ kidnappings and journalists public beheadings, civil unrest, and the spread of a virus that was once thought to be found only in remote, less privileged places, 2014 was not short of headline news.

But what topped the list of Google’s most popular searches were the shocking death of comedian Robin Williams, the World Cup, and the Ebola outbreak. Sadness, greatness, and fear won in 2014.

Robin Williams — On August 11, the world was stunned to find out that one of the most talented comedians of all time had taken his own life. When Robin Williams died, taking his own life, there was talk that he had suffered a set back with his continued struggle with depression and alcohol. However, the autopsy didn’t show any illegal substances present in him at the time of his death. The story captured the imaginations of millions.

The World Cup — the biggest single sport event in the world happens every four-years and in 2014 Brazil hoped to win the title on their home turf after suffering a devastating loss in 1950. However, it was not to be and, after getting thoroughly humiliated in front of their own crowd, Germany took the title. Fútbol triumphs over football, says Google.

World Cup 2014
Germany won the 2014 World Cup, Image via Twitter

Ebola — the deadly disease came to America’s shores in 2014 and people on Google were searching the term when news outlets were reporting on new cases on a regular basis. Fear gripped air travelers as healthcare organizations around the world tried to get a handle on the situation.

Ebola, Image via Twitter

But these were not the only Google searches that took place this year. In 2014, users also searched for “La Decima,” Pharrell Williams and his “Happy,” the Colombian soccer star James Rodriguez, the death of Joan Rivers, and the Ice Bucket Challenge in benefit of ALS, among many, many others.

Ice bucket challenge
“Superman” Henry Cavill and “Lois Lane” Amy Adams do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Image via Twitter

What where you searching for in 2014? Do you agree with Google’s list of top searches?

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