Kim Kardsahian butt cover photoshop

WWE: Kim Kardashian Butt Contest Issued By Rikishi, Wrestler Claims To Have The Biggest Booty [Video]

Kim Kardashian’s butt is apparently so big that former WWE wrestler Rikishi felt he needed to issue a “booty contest” challenge to determine who really has the biggest butt of them all.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it turns out that Kim Kardashian’s butt photo was actually digitally manipulated in order to pull off such a crazy piece for Paper Magazine and the original untouched photos were not quite the same. Even though the world thought it was pretty obvious, it was confirmed that Kim Kardashian’s booty had to be photoshopped in order to make the world shake its collective head more than usual at the antics of the celeb.

Solofa Fatu, whose wrestling name was Rikishi back in the day, was well known for his stinkface finishing move where he’d shove his well-endowed rear end into his opponent’s face in the ring corner. The former WWE Superstar was at the Miracle on 1st Street Christmas Toy Giveaway in Los Angeles, California, when the subject of Kim Kardashian’s butt inexplicably came up while discussing Floyd Mayweather calling out Manny Pacquiao. Rikishi feels his butt is up to the challenge of taking on the Kardashians and invited Kim to face him in a booty challenge.

“I’m gonna be there whenever it happens,” Rikishi said. “I think the fight is me and Kim Kardashian. Everybody know me as the big booty man. Tell her to come to Knoxboro Academy. I’ve got a school out here in Los Angeles. Knoxboro Academy, Kim Kardashian, bring it on.”

Yes, it is pretty easy to see the star of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians pull a literal stink face at the idea, but that is probably the whole point. The idea is so outrageous that perhaps Kim would really take up Rikishi on his booty challenge. Now that the nae nae has supposedly replaced twerking, it will be interesting to determine how they would determine the winner when it comes to who has the biggest earth-shaking booty.

What booty do you think would win; Rikishi or Kim Kardashian’s butt?