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Kojima explains how Metal Gear Rising development changed hands to Platinum Games


One of the big bombshell announcements to come out of the 2011 VGAs – or what would have been if not for the news leaking ahead of the show – was the announcement that development on Metal Gear Rising had changed hands from Kojima Productions to Platinum Games.

The reaction to the reveal was, for the most part, mixed. Platinum Games offers a wildly different brand of game, and that is overwhelmingly evident in the trailer shown off during the VGAs. Some liked what they saw, and some didn’t; those that didn’t like it wanted to know what happened to the Metal Gear Rising they saw at E3s years past.

For those of you who want to know how the change of hands went down, Konami recently released a surprisingly in-depth video with interviews of Hideo Kojima and various members of the development process, both at Kojima Productions and Platinum Games.

Kojima explains in the video that the original game’s concept – which narrowed down to simply being able to cut everything – was difficult for the team to balance; the developer were stuck in a “loop”, Kojima explains. They kept trying to make the core mechanics work, but every effort ended up as a failure and, ultimately, Kojima decided that development should be handled by another studio.

The interview is an interesting look into the trials and tribulations Kojima Productions experienced when making the game, and how the partnership with Platinum Games came to be. If you’re curious as to how all of that went down, kick back and watch the 25 minute-long video below.

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2 Responses to “Kojima explains how Metal Gear Rising development changed hands to Platinum Games”

  1. Joshua Mazengarb

    I can understand where all these negative responses are coming from, but they are judging a product that hasn't been finished and released.
    I'm actually pleased in this new direction, the original design was more interesting and more "true" to the Metal Gear Series, but it didn't open enough gameplay elements and the gameplay its self was rather bland.
    One of the main problems I had with MGS4 was the gameplay, it felt clunky and out of place at times, like it was trying to be to many different genres at the sametime. Raidens fight scenes in MGS4 were amazing and I believe Platinum Games will be able to add such scenes into gameplay, though I'd prefer the more nimble and stylistic style than an aggressive approach.
    Also pleased to see Kojima Productions doing the writing, Bayonetta's and Vanquish's story were their weak points and Platinum Games seem to heavily focus on gameplay over story.
    The only downsides I've seen are the switch to a different graphics engine (not sure if that's the correct term), the original was much more realistic and detailed.
    If MGS fans are so loyal to the series, they should at least give this a go and judge it later. I think they forget this is a spinoff.
    I look forward to more information.

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