Sydney Hostage Death Toll At 2

Sydney Hostage Situation Ends: Two Dead, Three Injured

The Sydney hostage situation is now over, but there are more questions.

That’s because police have not officially disclosed the fate of alleged gunman Man Haron Monis, or the remaining hostages that were with him at the city’s Lindt Chocolat Cafe for more than 16 hours, though new reports indicate that two are dead (including Monis) and three are injured.

Throughout the day, some hostages had escaped as the Iranian-born Monis used some to relay his demands. He “grew agitated” when five hostages made a run for it and escaped.

Up until around two hours ago, when the Inquisitr issued its last report of the Sydney hostage situation, no casualties had been reported, but there were “loud bangs” when heavily armed police swarmed into the cafe after the escape of “five or six hostages,” Yahoo! News reports.

Man Haron Monis has been described as a “spiritual healer,” yet in 2002 he was arrested for sexual assault. He was also charged as an accessory in the murder of his ex-wife, who was reportedly stabbed to death then set on fire on the stairs of a Sydney apartment building.

His current romantic partner received the full murder charge, but due to “weak” evidence, both walked.

Throughout the day, Twitter reacted to what is being called a “tragic” finish to the Sydney hostage situation using the #sydneysiege hashtag.

It’s not yet known the extent of the injuries for the others in the Sydney hostage situation. As more news breaks throughout the day, make sure to check back with the Inquisitr.

The site wishes peace to all of those who’ve been affected by the traumatic events of the last several hours.