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iPad 3 Rumor: New iPad Will be Transparent, Available in Three Months [Video]

ipad 3

What will the iPad 3 look like? If the most recent rumors are true, it won’t look much like anything. The next generation of Apple’s tablet will be transparent…

The concept video (below) predicts that the iPad 3 will weigh in at 0.6 pounds, have 16GB of storage space, a battery life of 10 hrs, and 3G connectivity. The ‘holygraphic’ screen will create a new user experience that will be “the perfect blend of performance and awesomeness…”

Dakota Adney, the creator the iPad speculation video, may be thinking of the iPad 6 or 7, but it isn’t likely that Apple’s next product will be transparent.

Here’s the iPad 3 video.

Digitimes is also making a few iPad 3 predictions. Digitimes reports that parts for the iPad 3 have started shipping to OEM contractors while orders for iPad 2 parts have been reduced. Digitimes expects that Apple will release the iPad 3 in the next three to four months.

PC Mag agrees that three to four months sounds about right. Apple released the original iPad in April, 2010, the iPad 2 in March, 2011, and several people are expecting Apple to release the iPad 3 around the same time.

Apple has seen some competition from the Kindle Fire this year, but T. Michael Walkley, an analyst with Canaccord Genuity, believes that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market for the foreseeable future. Walkley told eWeek:

“We believe the iPad will continue to dominate both market share and value share of the growing tablet market.”

Are you looking forward to the next generation of iPads? What if it had a transparent screen?

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5 Responses to “iPad 3 Rumor: New iPad Will be Transparent, Available in Three Months [Video]”

  1. John Maher

    I often mislay things (I don't lose them – I just put them down where I can't readily find them). The problem I would have with a transparent iPad is finding it if I (inevitably) put it down and forget where. Is it on that pile of newspapers? that pile of shirts? the desk? the armchair? the dog basket? on that take-away pizza box?

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