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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Begs, Katie Ponders Options And Rick Conspires

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are anxious to tune into the new episodes airing the week of December 15 to see just what comes next for the Logans, the Forresters, and the rest of the characters on the canvas these days. What Bold and Beautiful spoilers are available about what fans can expect?

According to We Love Soaps, much of this week will focus on Rick, Caroline, Bill and Katie. On Monday’s show, it seems that Quinn and Bill will have quite the interaction. However, Deacon will manage to step in to lead Quinn back in a different direction. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also indicate that Maya will get an extravagant gift from Rick.

Rick will put his plan into place this week to ensure his hold on the position of CEO of Forrester. As the Soap Opera Fan site notes, nobody else is in on Rick’s plan, so when he supports Eric’s recommendation that Rick and Caroline work together on the next collection, many are surprised.

Bill and Katie will connect and he will beg her not to move forward with her relationship with Ridge. He will tell her he wants their family back, but can he convince her to give things another chance?

During Wednesday’s show, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Rick and Maya will put on a grand performance. Previews show them taking a bubble bath together, and it seems they are quite anxious to push some boundaries and buttons. Also on the December 17 episode, Katie will confront Ridge regarding his feelings toward Caroline.

Later in the week, Bill and Katie will talk again and this one will be an honest and perhaps heartbreaking conversation. Which man will Katie choose to build her life with after all the drama of late? Fans are anxious to see just which way she decides to go.

Caroline will utilize a familiar trick to try to keep her marriage to Rick moving forward. Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that he tries to entice Rick to get intimate with her. However, he resists and this makes her suspicious. At the end of the week, Ivy will confront Rick about what she saw him doing, and he tells her she needs to stay quiet. In addition, Ridge will open up to Carter about how he feels about Caroline while Maya tells someone what she’s been doing.

As for the continuing drama with Hope, Liam, and Wyatt, Liam’s big moment with Hope has left quite the impression on him. As for Hope and Wyatt’s marriage, things are not looking good for it to last. Fans will have to wait a bit yet to see just what the show plans to do about Hope, though, now that Kim Matula has left the show.

Will Katie move ahead with her plans to build a future with Ridge? Will Rick’s plans succeed? Fans will see a lot transpire during the week of December 15 and they won’t want to miss a minute of it all. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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