Miley Cyrus Hospitalized: Why Was Her Wrist Cut Open?

Miley Cyrus freaked her fans out by posting some very gruesome photos of her own body on Instagram.

Miley was recently hospitalized, and the singer didn’t seem too happy about spending her Friday night cooped up in a hospital room. To keep herself entertained, the bored singer shared a series of Instagram snaps documenting her frightful night. If you’re grossed out by open wounds, you might not want to scroll down — one of Miley Cyrus’ photos below is pretty graphic. Somehow Miley managed to convince her doctor to let her snap a wrist selfie during surgery, and it shows the incision on her wrist being held open with fork-like surgical tools.

According to Gossip Cop, Miley Cyrus worried her fans because she didn’t reveal the reason for her hospital stay. Instead, she shared the surgery photo and a snapshot of herself pouting in hospital gown.

“The gown is sooooo hipster”

Miley Cyrus Hospital Gown

To make her wrist incision look a little less gruesome, Miley Cyrus drew a little smiley face on it. She then posted a series of fan-made versions of the photo with tiny pictures superimposed over the wound. The snapshot below isn’t too bad because Cyrus’ insides are covered up by a photo of the “Wrecking Ball” singer posing with Justin Bieber. Miley captioned the photo “Bieber veinz.”

Miley Cyrus Wrist

E! News later found out the reason for Miley Cyrus’ wrist surgery. A source revealed that Miley had to be hospitalized to have a cyst on her wrist removed and that she was “doing fine” after her surgery. Cysts on the wrist or hand are usually benign, and don’t have to be removed unless they cause pain or discomfort.

Obviously, Miley wasn’t too worried about her wrist cyst. However, she did have a complaint about her hospital gown — she was disappointed that she couldn’t get one in a pizza print.

“Step up yo pizza game hospy,” she captioned the photo below.

Miley Cyrus Pizza

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Miley has been spending a lot of time on Instagram these days, and her page is not for the squeamish. She has also shared a snapshot of her hand bleeding, and she loves to post mind-melting fan-made photos like the pizza tree picture below.

Miley Cyrus Pizza Tree

Miley is on Instagram so much that she recently felt the need to explain a three-day absence from the social media site.

“those 3 days I was off Instagram I got pregnant and went to rehab. I was am super busy sorry guys. I know how much you missed my edits.”

Miley Cyrus Pregnant

If Instagram rehab existed, Miley Cyrus might need it.

[Image credits: Miley Cyrus/Instagram]