Walking Dead: “Bring Back Beth” Petition Success Rumors Circulate To Fans’ Delight

“Bring back Beth” has been a rallying cry among Walking Dead fans since the mid-season finale. Hearts broke in audiences across the nation as Daryl (Norman Reedus) carried Beth’s (Emily Kinney) body out of the hospital, and it didn’t take long for a petition to circulate. Now, there’s a rumor making tracks around the social media sites, saying that Walking Dead producers have agreed to write Beth’s resurrection back into the script. The question is, is there any truth to the rumors?


The story is spreading like wildfire, and fans are all a-twitter — actually, they’re all tweeting with excitement.

As you can see in the tweets above, the excitement is all linked to one article that seems to have the exclusive story. It’s from National Report, and it’s the only site reporting that AMC and The Walking Dead are planning to bring back Beth.

Unfortunately for Bath fans, though, the National Report is a satire site. There’s no basis for believing that Beth will be back.

Crying and selfies. #sis #selfies #RIPbeth

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The Bring Back Beth petition has over 50,000 signatures, and fans have made it clear they’re hopeful, but it’s hardly the first time that Walking Dead has killed off a beloved character, and there’s no sign that Beth is coming back.

If you’re still dying for an Emily Kinney fix, though, there’s other good news for you. She just released a single called ‘Rockstar,’ and there’s a music video available of the the song. Entertainment Weekly has the video on their website.

Beth’s website has the rest of her music, including the vid below.

So, no, sorry, AMC and Walking Dead haven’t agreed to bring back Beth, but Emily Kinney isn’t fading from the scene. Also, don’t forget that Walking Dead is great for flashbacks, so we may not have seen the last of Beth on the screen, even if the character is dead. It’s pretty unlikely they’ll bring back Beth, but Walking Dead returns in February.