Lindsay Lohan Competes With Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan Hopes To One Up Kim Kardashian With New App: Will Anyone Play?

Now that Kim Kardashian has made millions off of her surprise hit game Kim Kardashian Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan is hoping to follow suit with a similar app of her own.

Lindsay Lohan is the star of The Price of Fame, which sounds like more of a warning than the promise of a fun time.

Despite the name, the Lindsay app is meant to be self-deprecating and humorous in nature.

It certainly promises to be far more scandalous than the Kardashian app.

Would you inject your infant daughter with botox?

Star in a sex tape?

How about fake your own death?

Apparently these are but a few of the eyebrow-raising options available to fame-hungry players in Lohan’s game.

Price of Fame isn’t overly complicated. Paul Tassi of Forbes described Lindsay Lohan’s effort as “mechanically and conceptually simple.”

“Really, it reminds me a lot of Clicker Heroes, the flash game (soon to be an app) where you simply click on monsters until they die, and upgrade your active and passive damage through upgrades.”

Despite the overly simplistic nature of the game, Price of Fame may grant Lindsay Lohan a distinct advantage over Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

It’s humor is dark and the nature of fame (and fame whoredom) is represented in a manner much truer to what we see in reality.

While that may cause it to beat out Hollywood in terms of buzz, Lindsay Lohan is in danger of losing potential customers thanks to annoying ads.

Apparently the game will periodically remind you to make Facebook posts or spend money on in-game upgrades, which may cause the app to wear out its welcome rather quickly.

Despite the upped ante in terms of overall trashiness, it has yet to be seen whether or not the Lindsay Lohan app will prove as addictive as Kim Kardashian’s game.

After all, it was the can’t-put-it-down nature of Kim Kardashian Hollywood that elevated it well above expectations.

This was a game that crashed and saw thousands of addicted players storm Kardashian’s Instagram account to demand she fix it (an event that no doubt thrilled the reality starlet).

Furor over the Kim K. app has reportedly died down a bit, which may give Lohan a chance to compete for a share of her customers.

Of course, she’ll have to hope she keeps the cash. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lindsay Lohan is being sued for stealing the app.

Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame is currently available as a free download and is available through both Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Have you played the new Lindsay Lohan game? What did you think of it?

[Image Credit: SpaceInch]