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Christmas Card of the Year? Mayor Jorge Santini Reveals Baffling Family Photo


What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Do you think about family? Jesus? Presents? What about a jaguar mauling an antelope in front of a smiling family? Jorge Santini, the Mayor of San Juan, recently unveiled his annual Christmas card and the public is just a little bit confused.

The picture was so strange that it made its way to the Awkward Family Photo blog.

The Huffington Post reports that message on the card reads: “That you may illuminate your dream this Christmas.”

Ever dream of watching a jaguar eat an antelope?

The Santini family took several other photos during their Christmas photo shoot, and they’re all a little strange.

Here’s a Christmas Card if penguins, instead of jaguars, represent the holiday season for you.

santini christmas

And if you prefer creepy looking bears…

christmas card

Santini said that the Christmas photos were his way of promoting the San Juan Wildlife Museum. Do these photos make you want to go see the San Juan Wildlife Museum? Or do they give you an uncontrollable urge to point and laugh?

Is Jorge Santini’s Christmas Card the most ridiculous card you’ve seen this year?

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31 Responses to “Christmas Card of the Year? Mayor Jorge Santini Reveals Baffling Family Photo”

  1. Maggie Mason

    One animal attacking another – what a way to celebrate the season NOT.

  2. Denise D'Andria

    What the heck is this about. Pretty disturbing. Do they like dead animals?

  3. Cindy Lue Percinsky

    omg a jaguar with an antelope's neck in his mouth? what are these people thinking? what the heck? is he trying to send a message & not one that has anything to do with a wilflife museum? strangest thing I have ever seen.

  4. Jessica Chang

    this guy and the rest of them…love to call attention to themselves..this wouldve been more appropriate for Earth day, wildlife day..or whatever..but Christmas? how is this going to "illuminate my Christmas"…

  5. Lara McElwee Wilson

    I am not only disturbed by the lovely stuffed mauling, but also the strange model like pose of the youngest child.

  6. Robb Barrette

    It's just a jaguar receiving a nice Christmas antelope…i don't see what is wrong. Animals should be able to receive Christmas gifts too.

  7. Joel Torres BaBin

    I'm Puerto Rican and is the most stupid and ugly Christmas card ever, I mean those animals don't have anything to do with our Christmas tradition or even live here… Our most and important tradition is the birth of Jesus, not this crap…

  8. Erika Gil

    I LOVE IT! Its amazing! and he got what he wanted, "attention" now many people is going to make a stop at the museum just to get a picture in from of those "exotic" and "amazing" animals; that is nothing that you haven't seen in Discovery or Animal Planet; I LOVE his 7 yrs old daughter, soooo sassy! Disney execs, there is your next star! Merry Christmas to the Santini Family! Santini 2013!

  9. Melissa Foster

    Mayor Jorge Santini should be 100% ashamed of himself and his DISGUSTING Christmas card. I hope they run him out of office. I wish I could tell him in person how he sickens me.

  10. Rob Taylor

    Maybe he meant Merry Carnivores? They could be members of People for Eating Tasty Animals. They could be trying to avoid faux fur. Lastly it could be a case of brain freeze, a real snafu.

  11. Raquel Rodriguez Rivera

    It's what's going to happen to his opponent during next year's elections campaign. We have no such animals, much less snowfall, which means they are illuminating their own dream that perhaps snow will fall if PR becomes a state.

  12. Maly Ilarraza

    This is an altered photo…this family is our mayor in San Juan of Puerto Rico..and come out the other more mocking

  13. Barb Vivian

    Maly Ilarraza WOW They should sue the person who posted this then~! Its Vile IMO

  14. Maly Ilarraza

    there's a picture of the family Christmas card using cocaine..with a white substance under his nose and it is sad because it also includes childrens…

  15. La Negra Ortiz

    The mayor made a series x-mas cards because he is promoting the San Juan Wildlife Museum , one of his accomplishments. He is the founder of that museum.

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