Destiny - The Undying Mind (PS4, PS3)

Entire ‘Destiny’ PlayStation Exclusive ‘The Undying Mind’ Strike Revealed In Play-Through Videos

Bungie took The Dark Below expansion for Destiny to the PlayStation Experience over the weekend, and let gamers try their hands at the PlayStation exclusive strike, The Undying Mind. Some popular YouTube personalities were able to capture direct-feed gameplay footage to reveal the entirety of the new strike, along with some of the new weapons.

DattoDoesDestiny and MoreConsole were both able to capture the full Undying Mind strike in the video below. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners should consider this spoiler material though, if they want to be surprised by the new content. For everyone else, please continue on.

The videos show some of the new Vex Precursor enemies that are part of the PlayStation exclusive strike. Functionally, they appear to be the same as the current Vex enemies just with slightly different models and health levels.

Likewise, the Undying Mind itself looks almost identical to Sekrion in the current Nexus strike on Venus. The difference is that there are now three small gaps in the Undying Mind’s shields versus the larger single shield gap for Sekrion.

Aside from that, Bungie seems to have learned from the existing Strikes. Yes, the encounter follows the same pattern of shooting through a ton of enemies to face a boss and another ton of minion spawns. However, the ability to race past and ignore certain parts of the strike, as players often do in the base game today, appears to be gone.

“Cheese spots,” where players can shoot at the final boss with little worry of death, also seem to have been eliminated from the final encounter. All of the current strike bosses in Destiny have at least one spot on the map that makes the boss battle much easier than intended. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what happens when this gets in the hands of hundreds of thousands of players versus the hundreds who played it at the Playstation Experience.

Afterwards, Datto took some time to share his thoughts on some of the new weapons on Twitter. He primarily discussed the new Light Levels, but voiced concern over the No Land Beyond sniper rifle that Bungie made a primary weapon.

However, he did give the Another NitC Scout Rifle that we able to play with a solid endorsement.

The Dark Below will hit the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, December 9. Both PlayStation consoles will receive timed-exclusive content in the form of The Undying Mind strike and The Fourth Horseman shotgun.

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[Images via Bungie]

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