Watch Tina Fey Address The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations As Far Back As 2005 [Video]

Tina Fey had apparently had her say about the Bill Cosby rape allegations all the way back in 2005. Tina Fey appeared on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” with Amy Poehler, and reported that Cosby can’t be held responsible as he was suffering from “the brain damage.”

In the broadcast, Tina Fey subtly joked about the allegation in the mock news report.

“A California lawyer alleged Wednesday that thirty years ago, Bill Cosby drugged her and tried to molest her, and after she fought back, he dropped two hundred-dollar bills on a table and fled, Cosby says he can’t be held responsible for his actions, since at the time he was suffering from, ‘the brain damage!'”

The scene went on with Poehler asking if Kenan Thompson would be coming out as Cosby to defend himself, Fey maintained her Bill Cosby impression, “No, Kenan is not coming out because of the ‘Fat Albert,’ and the money, and the sequels!”

“Of course he can’t talk about the boobies, and the groping, and the pudding pops!” Poehler added. When Thompson did come on the set, as himself, he said, “Wow, thanks for that. Great job, you guys. I didn’t say any of that, because Kenan Thompson loves to work, OK? Peace.”

It wasn’t the last time Tina Fey had made reference to the allegation. This time, Fey had a role in a scene on the Emmy Award-winning show 30 Rock where Fey, comedian Godfrey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan made light of the then obscure allegations.

In the scene from Season 3’s episode “The Bubble,” Alec Baldwin’s NBC executive character, Jack Donaghy, tries to get actor Tracy Jordan, played by Tracy Morgan, to come back to work at fictional television show TGS.

Donaghy proceeded to incite Tracy by hiring a Cosby impersonator to speak to the actor over the phone.

However, upon hearing Cosby’s voice, Tracy reveals that he has some bad family history with the The Cosby Show star.

“Bill Cosby, you got a lotta nerve gettin’ on the phone wit’ me after what you did to my Aunt Paulette.” Jordan yells down the line.

“I think you’re confusing me with someone else,” the baffled impersonator replies.

“1971. Cincinnati. She was a cocktail waitress with the droopy eye!” Jordan responds.

The impersonator finds himself at a lack of words, saying: ‘I’m the guy… with the pudding.”

Tina Fey has not made any public comment about the Bill Cosby scandal.

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