Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s New York Visit Is Making American Elite All Aflutter

Studies show that the power of the first impression can’t be underestimated, but that moment becomes a whole new beast when you’re face-to-face with great power itself. That’s what a privileged portion of the most elite New Yorkers are finding out right now as they prepare for the visit of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton. Most of them will only have a few mere moments to chat with the royal couple — if they’re lucky — but that isn’t stopping everyone from rolling out their best for William and Kate.

That’s not to say that all of the weight to make the visit go well falls on the shoulders of the Americans who are receiving the Prince and Princess in New York. William and Kate are also representing their own country abroad, something that Miles Young, chairman and CEO of advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, told Bloomberg could have reverberating effects all the way back to the British tourism industry.

“They represent a very strong face of brand Britain. They’re global superstars really, and they touch a broad range of values. It’s very different from the prince of Wales. They’re more contemporary, open and more accessible — and they’ve got loads of charisma, which is a critical part of any personal brand.”

All the pomp regarding the affair, however, is only in addition to what will be a tight schedule for the the Prince and Princess. The two will be occupied with “a Nets professional basketball game at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, a trip to the 9/11 Memorial and visits to two non-profits involved with children and youth,” according to Bloomberg. Dr. Thelma Dye, who works at one of the children’s non-profits, expressed how thrilled she was that William and Kate would be stopping by on their visit to New York.

“We are so pleased, it is such an honour. For [Duchess Kate] to bring global recognition to the importance of children’s mental health is thrilling and it helps us do our work even better. We’ve done a lot of research on protocol and the children are so excited.”

Other elite New Yorkers cautioned that the event of Princess William and Princess Kate’s arrival should be met with decorum in order to avoid turning such distinguished guests into a typical tabloid sideshow, explained Henry Davison II, a managing director at Bessemer Trust.

“We should pay less attention to Kate’s wardrobe and acknowledge that such a visit is no holiday. William and Kate demonstrate by example that to whom much is given, much is expected.”

How do you Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton will mingle the New York’s richest?

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