Duchess Kate to visit New York child center

Duchess Kate To Visit Harlem Child Development Center During New York Visit

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to arrive in New York City Sunday evening, and the agenda for Duchess Kate and Prince William is packed with charitable private and public events. As one Sky News reporter discovered, the administrators of a children’s center where the Duchess is due to visit are delighted at the royals’ choice to bring attention to its work.

Dr. Thelma Dye said both she and the center’s clients are preparing diligently for Kate’s arrival.

“We are so pleased, it is such an honour. For [Duchess Kate] to bring global recognition to the importance of children’s mental health is thrilling and it helps us do our work even better. We’ve done a lot of research on protocol and the children are so excited.”

Dr. Dye’s organization, the Northside Center for Child Development, seeks to empower and foster the healthy development of children and families, according to its mission statement, which also says in part, “Through comprehensive, high quality mental health and educational services, coupled with research, children and families are aided in developing to their full potential.”

Although the children are presumably not held to strict standards of protocol while meeting with Princess Kate, a New York Daily News article this weekend encouraged all people who come into contact with the couple to show respect that is due to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Etiquette expert Patricia Napier-Fizpatrick had specific advice for what to wear and how to act.

“Americans are not required to bow or curtsy, but should do so as a sign of respect. They’re much more casual, but taking a little extra care in your appearance is important.”

The Daily News article also quoted a local New Yorker, Oliva Fernandes, who hoped to run into the former Kate Middleton while shopping, so she can glean some style advice from the Duchess. A similar sentiment was shared by maternity-wear designer Ariane Goldman, who is looking to the Duchess for pregnancy style trends. Goldman told Sky News she would get Kate out of the classic skirts if given the chance.

“I think what Kate does that’s fantastic is she’s very true to herself and her own style, with a focus classic lines and elegant fabrics. I’ve never really seen Kate in pants (trousers), I’d really love to put her in a tuxedo look, I’d love to give her a bit of a New York-downtown edge.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this will be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first trip to New York.

[Image: via Weadia Media]