Noisy Sex Case

Noisy Sex Case: Woman Refuses To Stop Screaming During Sex, Has Had 30 Police Visits [Video]

A noisy sex case has prompted a judge to hand a unique order to a woman who refuses to stop screaming during the act. It so far has earned her up to 30 police visits. Caroline Cartwright of Britain loves to scream loudly during lovemaking sessions with her husband, Steve Cartwright. The 53-year-old has openly violated noise abatement orders five times, and has received two suspended jail sentences, the New York Daily News reports.

The Cartwrights’ story is part of a new documentary about people who get Anti-Social Behavior Orders against them. A video clip can be seen below. Caroline received this type of order in 2010 and “proudly” defies it. Police have made multiple visits to her house in Sunderland to address the problem — and she’s even served time in jail for screaming loudly during sex.

“As far as I’m concerned, that’s what you should be doing,” she tells Britain’s Channel 5 in the documentary titled ASBO and Proud.

“I don’t see why I should stop having sex in my own house with my husband of 38 years,” says Caroline.

The judge’s order bars Caroline from screaming, shouting, and “vocalizing” during sex, according to the report.

Caroline and Steve have even broken an iron headboard due to their noisy copulation sessions. The woman who refuses to stop screaming during sex reasons that the headboard was from a “different bed” and that it “was a metal headboard so it used to bang on the wall.”

Neighbors claim the Cartwrights have made so much noise that they can’t even hear the television over all the activity. It’s literally made it a living hell for anyone living near the couple.

It’s hard for Caroline to tone down her vocalization during sex because she says it’s the last thing she’s worried about.

“It’s not as if I’m having sex and think ‘Oh, I’m making too much noise. I better be quiet.'”

The ASBO order requires that Caroline not make any noise that can be heard at a neighbor’s property or outside.

She simply responds by saying, “I guess I’m going to get arrested then.”

Caroline Cartwright doesn’t see where she’s done anything wrong in this noisy sex case that was documented on television. She enjoys sex and isn’t afraid to express herself, but it means others near their home have to hear just how much she’s enjoying it.

As for the bed issue, the Cartwrights have a wooden bed that makes a lot less noise.

[Image via New York Daily News]