Was Misty Upham Actually Murdered?

Django Unchained actress Misty Upham died from blunt force trauma to her head and torso, according to a Seattle medical examiner. Fox News reports that a manner of death still hasn’t been determined, even though the official findings have numerous people speculating on the possibility that she was actually murdered. Social media is abuzz with shock that the woman died in such a violent manner, as well as debate on whether her death was the result of suicide, a terrible accident, or a murder that is not being acknowledged by authorities. So what actually happened?

When Misty disappeared in early October, her loved ones made it immediately known that the actress suffered from depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, and that she may have been suicidal. Her father told the media that she was off of her medication at the time that she went missing, but he still expressed the idea that her disappearance wasn’t driven by suicidal intent. When her body was found in a ravine just about 10 days after she vanished, police declared that there was no evidence of foul play. However, the Washington Post reports that Upham’s family has accused the police of racism, and of not handling the case with enough effort. Misty’s father believes that the police are ultimately to blame for her death, as he believes that she fell to her death while running from them.

Police officials seem to agree that Misty Upham most likely fell to her death, which is where she would have gotten the injuries to her head and torso. However, there are people who strongly believe that she was murdered — among them is Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis. Lewis believes that Misty’s death was not a suicide, and she famously took to Twitter to express her fear that her dear friend met her demise through foul play. Though she later deleted the tweets, she expressed explicitly that Misty feared that she would be murdered. An article posted by E! Online drew attention to the tweets in October.

“Misty told me about horrible violence she suffered on NA reservations[.] She felt she coul[d] be murdered! Bcuz she was vocal #ThisIsNOTaSUICIDE”

Lewis hasn’t spoken publicly about this latest development in Upham’s case, but her official Facebook page is full of comments by fans who stand with her in the belief that she was murdered. Meanwhile, Misty’s family members have also maintained silence in wake of these developments. It seems that the official consensus is that Misty Upham died either by jumping, landing in the ravine where her body was later found, or she accidentally slipped to her demise. Do you think there is more to this case than meets the eye?