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Janice Daniels, Michigan Mayor, Faces Calls For Resignation After Gaycist Post on Facebook

janice daniels gay slur

It goes without saying that in an era when everyone is on Facebook and knows how to do screenshots, you should be careful what ugly parts of your personality you reveal in the undoubtedly public space.

But as controversy swirls in one Michigan jurisdiction, another question has arisen after an injudicious Facebook post by a mayor- should an elected office be resigned if it’s found that the person elected to the position holds prejudicial views about a certain group of people? It seems the answer is obvious- how can someone serve a group of constituents if they don’t like black, Latino or gay people? One would think they really can’t. But mayor of Troy, Michigan Janice Daniels is hoping her constituency (which inevitably has some gay residents) will forgive her openly hateful comments on Facebook just a few months ago when gay marriage was legalized in the state of New York. Daniels- who had not yet been elected Mayor of Troy- said something I hope many people reading this post will find shocking and appalling in 2011:

“I think I am going to throw away my ‘I love New York’ carrying bag now that queers can get married there.”

Since the post was uncovered last night by local blog “Keep Troy Strong,” calls for Daniels’ resignation have come from all over the country. But Troy’s mayor thinks that it’s okay to say things like that and still remain in an office where she is expected to serve residents, queer and not queer alike. She hedged:

“I may have said something like that… I probably shouldn’t have used that kind of language, but I do believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.”

Daniels also says she “regrets having said it,” and added:

“I’m hoping because I’m expressing my regret, that people will accept that I’m human… And that’s what I’m asking for is forgiveness.”

While mistakes are understandable, it’s difficult to forgive what appears to be clear animosity toward a group that includes literally millions of tax-paying Americans. It’s not that she used the word “queer,” albeit derisively, but she also indicated ill-will towards the entire State of New York for granting gay couples the same civil rights enjoyed by their straight counterparts. While most scandals that end political careers, minor and major, seem to be down to personal business, there’s no way in the world someone who feels that way should be in a decision-making position. Do you think Daniels should resign her post as mayor?

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113 Responses to “Janice Daniels, Michigan Mayor, Faces Calls For Resignation After Gaycist Post on Facebook”

  1. Mary Hall Staley

    I bet there are a lot of elected officials that do not believe in same sex marriage….will there be an inquiry and get rid of them too? If she was elected, then she can serve…if people don't like her, then vote her out next election. Freedom of speech goes both ways. While it was not the best political move to make by having that on her social network page…

  2. Kim LaCapria

    There's a massive difference between "not believing" in gay marriage and saying you don't like NY because "queers" can get married there.

  3. Star Spell

    she should resigned.. she had no rite to say that.. uggh people these days don't give a crap about noone.. it's ridiculous.. people say in the Bible don't judge and everyone does even if people want others to be with one man and one woman that's still judging everyone.. get a life people love should count who cares if their gay or not.. God still loves everyone.

  4. Anne Winrich

    And yet a politician from Milwaukee can publicly attack a private business that gave political contributions to Scott Walker, and all we hear are crickets. Or Robert Byrd can run the Congress and be a KKK grand wizard, and vote AGAINST civil liberties laws and nada. I say enough of the double standard. The 1st Amendment protects us ALL even if it is offensive. Get over yourselves.

  5. Sandra Massie

    Freedom of Speech. It's what America is all about. Just because one person's point of view doesn't agree with another's point of view, doesn't mean someone should lose their job over it.

  6. Jayda Lynn

    I am not against or for it. But everyone no matter what has a right to believe and say what they want. She shouldn't have to lose her job because she has an opinion. NOW if she does something "against" them or "profiles" them in some way that effects them or theyre way of life directly (ie they lose their job or don't get hired etc). Then ok. Granted, the way she said it was very inappropriate and she should be recognized for it. I just think firing everyone who has an opinion about gays is like firing everyone who has an opinion about…..idk……smokers. Should someone be fired because they say the hate smokers? I don't think so. making someone or asking them to resign is just like firing them. Its not fair.

  7. Kim LaCapria

    I think that really depends on whether you think gay people are like smokers- who choose to smoke- or like any other protected group, who are born the way they are. In that case, she would have a difficult time, I think, treating all her constituents the same way.

  8. Kim LaCapria

    I agree with you, all speech should be protected- but what if she said black people shouldn't be able to marry? I think there comes a point when someone's fitness to serve becomes questionable. She didn't say "I don't believe in this," she was openly hostile to gay people.

  9. Christopher Alaimo

    Kim LaCapria — from her statement, it would appear that she represents both of those points of view, so in this case… no difference. none whatsoever.

  10. Sandra Massie

    It's her facebook. She can say what she wants to on it just like you can say what you want to say on your facebook.

  11. Kay Cozart

    everyone is entitled to thier opinion..which I agree , i don't believe that same sex marriages should be allowed.

  12. Jayda Lynn

    Kim LaCapria Everyone is born "gay" in some way. As a comedian said " do you watch porn……." So in a sense it is a choice. They CHOSE to be gay publicly, intimately etc. I could be "gay" if i wanted. However i chose to be married to a man as a woman. Perhaps she needs to make a public apology for being inappropriate in the position she is in. As well as treat people equally since she does represent the State/ Country. Hopefully she will learn from her mistakes and continue on doing the right thing.

  13. Kim LaCapria

    Sandra Massie Absolutely. But if I were elected to office and revealed I was racist, on my Facebook, should I be allowed to stay?

  14. Amanda Mason

    Kim LaCapria then what about alcoholics? that's a disease that the afflicted can't help or control. Can someone say they hate alcoholics? I think people need to be more tolerable and understand that we are all different. We all have our issues and our faults, but we are all on this planet together trying to get along. If she's apologetic, people need to move on and get over it.

  15. Sandra Massie

    Kim LaCapria "revealed" or not, it's what she believes and posted on her facebook. Elected official or not, its her beliefs. Should you lose your job because of your beliefs?

  16. Christopher Alaimo

    except when that person's "job" is to represent the views and morals of thousands of constituents. how far does your "freedom of speech" argument go? would you call for the resignation of a teacher who wrote "i like having sex with children" on their facebook page? of course you would. what if she had said "i'm not going to California anymore because there's too many mexicans." same difference? racist? you bet your ass. Janice Daniels is a bigot anyway you look at it, and while she is "free" to say whatever she wants, that doesn't mean that she should get to go on being mayor.

  17. Kim LaCapria

    Sandra Massie It depends on the job and the beliefs. LGBT people are estimated to be as much as 10% of our population. If I'm a teacher and I don't like Puerto Ricans, isn't there a chance I won't teach my Puerto Rican students the same way? What if I am a Judge and I think Jewish people are dishonest? Doesn't that compromise my ability to do my job appropriately?

  18. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich At what point? He appears to have learned from his mistakes and renounced them. This woman didn't own up to her prejudice and then tried to backpedal.

  19. Michael Joseph Anthony Garceau

    Anne Winrich and gays and others also have a right to defend themselves against this bullszyt. If she is a hater, she should not be serving the public…PERIOD

  20. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, Robert Byrd NEVER apologized, and never voted for a single piece of civil rights legislation, he voted FOR Jim Crow laws and segregation throughout his 3 decade long tenure. I am wondering when exactly did he learn from his mistakes? And when did he renounce his former KKK activities. He never did, at least not publicly. Even Bill Clinton had to apologize for him when he eulogized him. So then answer this question, should Bill Maher resign after his disgraceful treatment of conservative women?

  21. Morgan 'Momo' Hargrove

    Kim LaCapria, I agree wholeheartedly. Now-a-days, people look at our sites to get to know our public figures. The same way employers look at these sites to see what their candidates say and do on their spare time. ou have a right to free speech, though on the other hand, she is a role model to that community.

  22. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich I love Bill Maher. Like his treatment of Ann Coulter? :) As for Byrd:

    "For the 2003-2004 session, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP)[55] rated Byrd 100 percent compliant with the NAACP's position on the 33 Senate bills they evaluated. 16 other senators received that rating. In June 2005, Byrd proposed an additional $10 million in federal funding for the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C., remarking that, "With the passage of time, we have come to learn that his Dream was the American Dream, and few ever expressed it more eloquently."[56]"

  23. Kim LaCapria

    Amanda Mason She wasn't initially apologetic. And I have sympathy for alcoholics, can you suggest an analogous situation? Is it okay to call them "drunks" and say bad things about them?

  24. Elaine Rohrer Kent

    Oh please, she is entitled to her opinion. Last I checked, America was still free. She doesn't have to like it and that is what makes us great! There are still a great number of us who do not accept or believe in it and we also have the right to fight for what we believe. That's what our founding fathers did, thank God for their boldness!

  25. Anne Winrich

    Mike Garceau, How quickly you forget, he was the Senate Majority Leader for 30-some odd years, and passed away earlier this year. During his 3 decade long tenure, he voted against every piece of civil rights legislation, voted for Jim Crow laws, and was a grand wizard of the KKK. So if a "hater" cannot be a public servant, than why was there no call for Robert Byrd to resign?

  26. Christopher Alaimo

    what happened to freedom of speech, Sandra? I find it HILARIOUS that you 'support free speech', but delete comments that disagree with your opinion. since you deleted it, I'll say it again. Janice Daniels is a bigot, no two ways about it. if that statement had been about ANY other group of people, I bet your tune would change SIGNIFICANTLY.
    It was a blatantly and purposefully disprespectful, hurtful, bigoted statement about gay people.
    while she is free to say whatever she wants, it does not mean that there are not repercussions.

  27. Kim LaCapria

    Morgan 'Momo' Hargrove I consider myself a Libertarian, but I don't think the founding fathers expected any one class be treated as second class, whether it's gay people or Christians or breastfeeding mothers.

  28. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, how many years should we give this woman than? And Byrd never officially apologized for his his hatred of blacks, nor his activities as KKK leader.

  29. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich No, I just think that public servants should serve all of the public, and when there is outcry, they should step down. Should Anthony Weiner have stepped down?

  30. Lynn Goode

    I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you are going to represent a city, county, state or country, you have to be very careful in what you say and do. We appoint/vote these people into said positions to represent the whole not their own opinion. They can still have it but they have to expect backlash when they hold that position in society. If they really feel so strongly against it, maybe they shouldn't be representing the city, county, state or country. Just my opinion though.

  31. Christopher Alaimo

    lets play MAD LIBS and see how hurtful we can get! " I no longer enjoy ___(place)___ because they let ___(people)___ __(activity)__."

  32. Michael Joseph Anthony Garceau

    Then Mr. Byrd should not serve the public either…frankly, these haters hide behind the first amendment all the time…Yes, The first amendment gives all Americans free speech, but the question is…When does 'free speech' become MORE than that? It's a very fine line we walk with the 'free speech'' issue. What if a candidate for a certain office said "I think overweight, blonde women" are making us head down a path to destruction"'s like "WHAT???? Are you crazy, man?" IS THAT NICE TO SAY??? Hell no!! BUT, he has "free speech" to say what he want's! Brutal and rude and nasty, but the first amendment is there!

  33. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich Do you think that we should model our modern progress on 50's standards? Or should we be forward thinking and not support suppression of civil rights?

  34. Christopher Alaimo

    "as of 1890, i no longer enjoy Wyoming because they allowed women to vote."

  35. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, I am glad Wiener stepped down, but it was his decision, I did not demand it. And Mr Weiner did something a little bit different from simply stating his opinion. Last time I looked pornography was not protected under the 1st Amendment.

  36. Morgan 'Momo' Hargrove

    Kim LaCapria we came a long way. It's horrible that most Americans still have that mentality. It seems as though, if it is not something you would do yourself than it's not the "American way". Such voters were not aware of her "gacist opinion" or she probably would not be in the position to face resignation!

  37. Star Spell

    Mike Garceau just read bout him on Google.. he was in the kkk stupid Guy if u asked Me.. luckily I wasn't born then.. people back then didn't have no respect too.. he was in it in the 1940s

  38. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich That is so funny. Because Anthony Weiner's actions affected no one but himself and his wife, but this woman's homophobia could impact a large portion of her constituents. Do you see the difference?

  39. Kim LaCapria

    Christopher Alaimo As of 1967, I no longer enjoy Florida because they let chubby people go to the beach. Am I doing it right?

  40. James Johnson

    Amanda Mason But Amanda, Alcoholics force their addiction onto themselves when they choose to drink for the first time. Gay people are born gay, they don't get a taste of it and then say "I can't stop being gay now."

    However I do fully agree with you that tolerance is at the heart of the issue, for example you don't have to like gay people but you don't have to say "I'm never going to Queer New York City" in that sense people go out of their way to voice disgust with a group that isn't voicing disgust against that persons own choices in life.

  41. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, Anthony Wiener was a congressman, his actions affected his decisions in the same way that anyone's does, including Ms Daniels. Stop trying to justify your hatred. Anyone who says anything negative against gay people his labeled "homophobic", anyone who says anything negative about Obama is labeled "racist. Even when the real racist (Robert Byrd) is let off the hook. Why the double standard?

  42. Christopher Alaimo

    I don't go to Montgomery, Alabama anymore because they let niggers ride on the front of the bus now.

  43. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich Because Robert Byrd is dead, and that's called false equivalency. My hatred? I didn't use a slur about anyone, nor did I make hateful comments on Facebook. It's not a double standard- if you start a petition to get Byrd out of office, I'll sign it :) And Weiner's actions affected nothing.

  44. Christopher Alaimo

    NOW, would any of these statements have people calling for my resignation from public office? what say you, sandra?

  45. James Johnson

    Anne Winrich But people who say negative things against gay people are "homophobic." Homophobia by it's very definition includes an "implication of antipathy, contempt, prejudice or aversion" to gay people. Although Anne I do fully agree with you that the "Racist" label is used far too often when other issues may be at the heart of the issue, especially in the case of politicians who I fully believe "racism" to power their voice in many cases..

  46. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria , yup June 2010 is so ancient history. Ex-president Bill Clinton apologized for him at the funeral. The 1st Amendment can very easily be hijacked by haters, but it should still be held sacrosanct because it is the only thing standing between we the people and tyranny.

  47. Kim LaCapria

    James Johnson Consider also that racism has been socially unacceptable for far less time than homophobia is. It is far less likely someone will play the "gay card" because there's less of a chance people will be sympathetic.

  48. Michael Joseph Anthony Garceau

    Kim LaCapria oh my…didnt no that…thanx for the info…and yes Anne I totally agree with you on the 1st should still be held sacrosanct…but my feeling will still be the same no matter what..When DOES 'free speech' cross the line and become 'hate-speech' We might not ever know.

  49. Christopher Alaimo

    Kim LaCapria I'm throwing away my "I ♥ Ancient Rome" T-shirt because they don't feed christians to the lions anymore.

  50. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich I fully believe in the first amendment, which protects the legality of speech- NOT protection from the consequences. If I have store, and I say I don't like black people, no one is violating my rights if I get boycotted. Same rules apply. Personal responsibility.

  51. Anne Winrich

    James Johnson, " A phobia (from the Greek: φόβος, Phóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear") is a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational." Simply because I do not agree with the gay lifestyle doesn't mean I have a phobia. And guess what, I have friends that are gay. I do not agree with their lifestyle choice, but they will have to deal with the consequences of that on their own, I will not act as judge, jury and executioner over them. But I will NOT be forced to accept the gay lifestyle as natural. Nor will I ask that someone else have their reputation drug through the mud because they carry a similar opinion. The whole idea of "protected" status for some people is ridiculous.

  52. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, why don't we follow MLK's dream and just treat everyone based on the content of their character? Why should some people get "protected" status over others?

  53. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich Protected status means you cannot discriminate. It doesn't mean you can't say anything. When gay people are not allowed to marry, they cannot make end of life decisions for their partners, they cannot benefit from reduced taxes on married couples, and they cannot live together if they originate from separate countries. So if you "don't agree" with their "lifestyle," you are denying them basic rights you and I enjoy merely because we were born straight. The first time my children learned that there was even a debate over gay marriage, they were floored- it horrified them people would be denied rights because they are gay.

    So in essence, homophobia DOES force gay people- who just want to get on with their lives- to "deal" with the irrational hatred of others. And I went to FIT and I live in New York, right by Fire Island- if gay people were out to disrupt the day to day lives of heterosexuals, I would have seen it by now.

  54. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich It isn't 'over' other people- it's recognizing there are systemic biases- like the fact that in most states, gay people can't marry. Or women still earn less to every dollar men earn. Or if a woman has to breastfeed her baby in a public place, some people may dislike it and ask her to leave. It doesn't change anything about the way you live to make actually discriminating against someone else against a code or statute.

  55. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, "Anne Winrich Protected status means you cannot discriminate. It doesn't mean you can't say anything"…so Ms Daniels has every right to say anything.

  56. Christopher Alaimo

    I'm throwing out my "USA #1" hoodie because they let a black man be president.

  57. Veronica Musto-Coates

    Sandra Massie I beg to differ. She is an elected official with a public Facebook. If she so chooses to exercise her right to freedom of speech in a hurtful and hateful way, then we caN use our rights to kick her out of office. See how consequenses and responsibility for ones actions work ?

  58. James Johnson

    Anne Winrich I was quoting the actual definition of homophobia and what I said fits directly into your response, it is an irrational fear that can lead to outward hatred as the definition of phobia states.

    I personally find it silly (the outward hatred part) and if people spent less time hating and working together we'd have less people sitting online commenting via hate filled comments (I'm not accusing you of that, you have stated that you don't agree but don't force your lifestyle on others who are gay and I applaud you for that at least).

    The issue at the heart of the comments made in this story is that our elected leaders are suppose to represent the whole, not parts of the whole. Even a Republican leader is suppose to listen to all people in their districts and serve all people. IN A PERFECT World :)

  59. Tammy Jones Schmit

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, when one is serving the public, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike, then one should be cautious about their comments. That is just common sense. But I will take it one step further and say that if you feel that strongly against one group, perhaps you are not the best person to serve them publicly, either. Now, what would have happened if she had posted something to the effect of "All African Americans should be shipped to Africa so I wouldn't have to deal with them" or "All men should be castrated" or something else just as offensive? I doubt those that are rallying around the first amendment protecting her right to do so would continue doing just that because it would be a. personal because it impacts them, b. offensive because it is not politically correct to make such a statement. Hate speech is not acceptable and leads to horrific behaviors. Language like this speaks to a person's true intent and feelings. Therefore, this person is incapable of serving everyone as their Mayor with the same dedication and should not be in a political office where their sole purpose is to do exactly that.

  60. James Johnson

    Before my last comment is misconstrued it could have just as easily been a Democrat leader, I'm not saying Republicans should but don't do that. The truth is we don't live in a perfect system but outward contempt for a group that does exist in your district is outside the bounds of what should be deemed successful.

  61. Anne Winrich

    James Johnson, simply because a person says they do not "like" or agree with homosexuality, does not make them unfit for public office. No more than someone saying they don't like broccoli makes them unfit to be a farmer.

  62. James Johnson

    Anne Winrich Saying you won't visit a city because of gay rights shows a distinct bias against a group you are suppose to represent.

  63. Anne Winrich

    James Johnson, I have no desire to visit Hawaii because Obama is such a rotten president. So I should be forever barred from running for office?

  64. Anne Winrich

    Christian Bedard, they have a right to ask for it, but not demand it. They also have a right to ask for an apology, but not to expect one.

  65. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich Obviously they are, because she made high-profile statements that made the national news. It doesn't matter where they are coming from, because everyone's first amendment rights allow them to vocally oppose elected officials who publicly engage in hate speech.

  66. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, so a man who is 70 years old should get the same healthcare as a 12 year old? White men and black women should get equal treatment? A diabetic and a cancer patient? An unborn fetus and a condemned killer? A Jew and a Muslim? A private citizen and a public official? A wounded veteran and a gangbanger hurt in a fight? A Democrat and a Republican? All should be treated exactly the same? Or how about a single woman and single man living together but not married, should they get the same rights as a married couple? Or the same "domestic partner" rights as a gay couple?

  67. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich I'm not really sure what you're asking. Some of those situations are moderately analogous, some are not. Marriage is a clear dividing line for coupledom. If gay people can't access it, it's not a fair question, is it?

  68. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria "Anne Winrich And her constituency has every right to demonstrate for her to step down". But what is her main duty? To represent her constituency? So if her constituency is a group of racist, homophobic women-haters, her statement would not be viewed as intolerant. Her job is not to represent the people in New York or any other city other than Troy, MI. And she has been duly elected by them to represent them. If they have a problem with her, than they can do what they feel is necessary. But for anyone outside of her constituency to demand her resignation is as guilty of using "HATE" filled speech as they claim she is. They have a right to say what they want, and she has the right to say what she said. But unless they live in Troy MI, their opinion is moot.

  69. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich It would appear her constituency was protesting today and demanding her resignation. And saying that public officials should not hate a group that is part of the public is not hate speech.

  70. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, but equal treatment under the law is really anything but equal. A white man and black women do not get the same treatment. Would you give a white man the same welfare benefits as a black woman? Of course not. To expect equality of outcomes is ridiculous. Should we allow 2 year olds to drive cars? That is clearly discrimination. Should we give the same medical care to a wounded veteran and a gang banger? If they both came in with lost limbs, wouldn't you give preferential treatment to the veteran? Even though it is clearly discrimination. What about a diabetic and a cancer patient, would you be more discriminating if the diabetic were morbidly obese? So when does discrimination move into the realm of inappropriate?

  71. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich That's also false equivalency. No one expects 2-year-olds to drive cars, nor would anyone argue for that. But when you see two gay men who are clearly in love and committed, but unable to decide things for one another, retain joint property if one dies or live on the same continent if they are not from the same country, a clear argument can be made for denial of rights.

    Don't worry, there will still be hate and prejudice. It just won't be institutionalized. I mean, I am a Libertarian. I believe people should be able to do whatever they want if it doesn't hurt anyone. What does my friend's gay marriage do to anyone else? What does it cost? How does it change anything except their lives? Don't let them get married in a church, fine. But let them have the same rights heterosexual adults enjoy. Just like the civil rights movement.

  72. James Johnson

    Anne Winrich It's not discrimination to prevent an action from occurring when public safety is involved and it does not infringe upon the rights of any one subset. A 2-year old driving a car is illegal because it would be dangerous regardless of race, sexual orientation, etc….that DOES NOT make it discrimination in any sense of the word.

  73. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria, so "I believe people should be able to do whatever they want if it doesn't hurt anyone." how is that any different than “I think I am going to throw away my ‘I love New York’ carrying bag now that queers can get married there.” Did she say she was going to discriminate against gays? Nope. All she said was she would throw away her bag. WOW! That is so harmful to gays.

  74. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich It's indicative of the fact she is anti-gay-rights. If you have gay friends as you say, I'm sure you know how utterly painful it is for gay people to be subjected to comments like that, particularly from those in authority. Yes, she can say whatever she wants but prejudice hurts people- who are taxpaying Americans just like the rest of us, who just want to live their lives in peace and have the same rights. I can say I want to move out of my neighborhood because Polish people moved in, but that makes me a bit of a prejudiced jerk if I do. And if I said that, I wouldn't want me to be mayor.

  75. James Johnson

    Anne Winrich The implied fact that she doesn't like gays and wants nothing to do with them (as implied by her NYC comment) while they are in her constituency is where the harm comes into play. It's the implication of discrimination that is the issue and something that shouldn't be tolerated on either side of the political spectrum.

    BTW, I strongly and always have believed that Robert Byrd should have been pushed out of office, even after his apology because he always stayed close to his hatred of certain groups based on race.

    I personally don't care if she doesn't leave office, it's safe to say she won't move up to a higher office in Michigan anytime soon based on her extremely negative press and the fact that other minority groups tend to shy away from someone who openly opposes other minority groups for fear that their hatred is underlying further.

  76. Kim LaCapria

    James Johnson That's a good point, too. I don't really care specifically what happens, but nothing will ever change if the people who oppose homophobia don't point out why it is wrong to discriminate. It's why there has been such a sea change in the past decade for gay marriage as it is, and why New York finally moved into the 21st century and allowed it. If people didn't talk about it, nothing would have changed.

  77. Brian Lee Kessel

    Everyone talking about Robert C. Byrd, he was one of the finest Americans who lived he served my state for decades even before I was born. Did he make bad decisions when he was a CHILD yes he did. He stood up for everyone he didn't care if someone was black white brown or whatever he did what he did so everyone in my state could get a fair shake hes the only senator/congressman to ever practically know the constitution by heart and if that woman had said Nigger, Spic or Kyke then yea everyone would have been outraged but saying Queer and Faggot is fine absolutely not.
    Next time someone in office says Nigger or anything else derogatory towards a minority remember bite your tongues.

  78. Anne Winrich

    James Johnson, let the voters decide. This whole furor coming from around the nation is doing nothing but inflaming the whole issue. This is a matter left to the people of Troy MI. If they feel she is anti-gay rights, than they have the job of voting someone else into her position. For me to shake my fists and call for her resignation is "hate" speech. The proper forum for this is the voting booth in Troy MI. Once again she has the right to say anything, it is not hurting anyone. She did not call for any sort of retaliation against the gay community, she was calling for a fatwa against a gay leader. She made an off the cuff comment, and ultra-sensitive people took offense to it. SO WHAT! Get a grip.

  79. Elaine Rohrer Kent

    Exactly, WE appoint them to represent us. Many votes have taken place, some have passed some not. The people have spoken. No one should be treated as second class citizens and gay marriage has nothing to do with that neither does gay rights. We all have rights as human beings. We all have a right to our opinion and it only seems to upset people when it doesn't agree with their own. I don't believe in gay marriage or special rights but I am not out calling those who don't agree with me names.

  80. Kim LaCapria

    Barry Winrich It would be "stomping all over the constitution" if someone came to your house and arrested you for posting this. Me posting an opinion is not anyone "stomping all over the constitution." Last I checked, my posts don't impeach mayors.

  81. Kim LaCapria

    Anne Winrich Hate speech has a specific definition, and I'm almost sure based on your replies you're not clear on it. You might want to look it up. As an American, I'm entitled to write about my opinion on public servants within or outside my jurisdiction. Yay First Amendment!

  82. Deanna Green-Collins

    I am against discrimination on any level or group. I truly feel that the Mayor was wrong, being an African American women I truly feel if the Mayor of Troy made a negative comment against African American people the citizens of Troy " would not" be protesting…

  83. Morgan 'Momo' Hargrove

    Anne Winrich, it would not make a farmer unfit to grow crops, though he should grow them anyway. Because it is not his cup of tea, doesn't mean he shouldn't take it into consideration for others.

  84. Morgan 'Momo' Hargrove

    Point blank, it was wrong. Discrimination as a whole is frowned upon, let alone in the public eye. She should have been aware of her surroundings while commenting "gaycist" opinions. It's Facebook!

  85. Tracy Cape

    As of now…I no longer enjoy this web-site. It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Bill and Weiner are both PERV's and this SINFUL world is so immoral that it's found humerous..and that makes me sad. I'm so sick of people telling me it's alright to do thing's that are not BIBLICALLY correct, the same BIBLE this country was founded on so long ago, but we're not allowed to mention anymore cos' it's not politically correct and someone might feel offended. It bring's me great joy to know that the GOD that WE TRUST but cannot mention in our schools WILL JUDGE US ALL someday. I hope and pray that I've been right, I hope you have been too. ROMANS 12:21..and for those who do not own a read's…Be not overcome of EVIL..but overcome EVIL with GOOD. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  86. Christopher Alaimo

    Tracy Cape … i have decided to ignore every part of your comment that is not worth the time or effort to argue with you about.

    ..Merry Christmas.

  87. Tracy Cape

    Christopher Alaimo I am sooooo happy that you like NOTHING I have to say! GOD BLESS YOU :)

  88. Christopher Alaimo

    Tracy Cape – not NOTHING.. i also think the poem was kinda funny.

  89. Anne Winrich

    Kim LaCapria "hate speechnoun; speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation." When did Ms Daniels attack anyone?

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