Kanye West Tour 2015

Kanye West To Tour Across North America Next Year, Rihanna Reveals

Kanye West will hit the road across North America at some point during 2015. While the world is no doubt thrilled about this event, apparently we weren’t supposed to learn this information just yet.

West fans are understandably excited about the forthcoming tour, which means that the rapper probably has a new batch of tunes currently in the works. Although no official information about the album has bubbled to the surface as of this writing, a new tour almost always suggests new material. Unless, of course, you’re a member of a classic rock band that relies on past glories to fill the ol’ bank account.

According to Spin, news of the Kanye West tour first popped up during a charity event put together by the Rihanna. If you have enough spare change tucked in the cushions of your couch — approximately $15,000, in case you’re wondering — then you can bid on something called the Kanye West Tour Experience. You’d better scrape together the money quick — there’s only seven days left to snag the package.

Check out the auction’s official description.

“Be Kanye West’s special front row VIP guest for his upcoming North American 2015 tour. Experience a rare opportunity meet & greet with the icon.

This once-in-a-lifetime moment includes: Two (2) VIP tickets in city of your choice to a Kanye West concert date on his upcoming 2015 tour, a private Meet & Greet with Kanye West before the show, a limited pair of Yeezy’s in your size, autographed tour memorabilia, and exclusive tour merchandise in winner’s size.”

As Perez Hilton points out, Kanye West hasn’t officially announced his 2015 North American tour just yet. In fact, it’s unclear how West will react to this news getting leaked since he didn’t get to officially spread the world on his own. This sort of thing probably won’t settle well with his ego, but we’re sure he’ll get over it.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out West’s Yeezus tour, then you can experience the show from the comfort of home. You won’t get the seemingly endless rants or the uncomfortable moments involving disabled members of the audience, but it’s still pretty enthralling. Kudos to John Colandra for taking the time to put together this two-hour concert video using footage gathered from the interwebs.

Are you excited about the Kanye West 2015 North American tour? Do you have $15,000 lying around to splurge on the Kanye West Tour Experience?

[Image via Invidia.com]