Miss BumBum: Runner-Up In Brazilian Best Booty Contest Hospitalized After Butt Implant Becomes Infected

Miss BumBum: Andressa Urach Hospitalized After Butt Implant Becomes Infected

Miss BumBum runner-up Andressa Urach paid a high price for beauty this week when her butt implant leaked, leaving her hospitalized with a serious infection.

The runner-up in the 2012 best booty contest, Andressa Urach, had underwent a cosmetic procedure in which a substance was injected into her thighs to increase the volume in her backside. But somehow the injection leaked, causing an infection so serious that the Miss BumBum runner up had to be rushed to the hospital with a severe infection.

Andressa Urach was originally sedated but by mid-week had woken up and was taken off a respirator. Doctors performed two procedures to drain a substance called aquagel, which is used in Brazil as an alternative to cosmetic implants.

The Miss BumBum contest draws more than 500 competitors each year, with online voting determining which 15 finalists get to travel to Sao Paolo to compete for the crown, according to the New York Daily News.

“[Brazilians] definitely have a thing with butts,” said Brazilian Graciela Murano, writer and editor for Oddee, in a 2012 interview with The Huffington Post.

Most people in Brazil know about the Miss BumBum composition, Murano added, even if they pretend not to.

In reality, though, “Every woman has read about it and won’t admit it,” she said, “and every man’s dream is to be a part of the judging team.”

Before her butt injection incident, Andressa Urach was best known as a reality television star who made headlines after claiming she had an affair with football star Cristiano Ronaldo, which he strenuously denied.

Urach said she realized this summer that her thigh injection was causing her leg muscles to rot.

“The hydrogel was not absorbed by my body and started to harm me. Now I’ve discovered that the PMMA is sticking to my muscles and causing the tissue to rot,” she said in an interview with Brazil’s R7 website. ‘That’s why I am feeling such strong pains. I’m taking morphine every four hours and antibiotics to alleviate the suffering.”

It is unclear just when Andressa Urach underwent the procedure that brought her to the hospital this week. The Miss BumBum contest strictly forbids butt implants in its competition.

[Image via Diario de Sao Paulo]