Mother In Afghanistan Kills 25 Taliban Terrorists In Seven-Hour Gunfight [Video]

Presently, the world has kept their eyes on the Middle East, mostly on the latest happening with the terrorist organization, the Islamic State (IS). However, the IS isn’t the only terrorist organization that is causing trouble for people there. One such group was originally the number terrorist group the United States kept tabs on because of their association with 9/11: the Taliban.

As of late, the Taliban — though still a danger to the free world — hasn’t been as much of a prominent threat compared to IS. The Inquisitr reported that the country of Pakistan is launching a major military operation against the terrorist organization. However, the Taliban may have to deal with the locals far more than any military as four Taliban terrorists were captured and lynched not by Afghan soldiers, but Afghan villagers.

Now there are reports of an Afghan mother who killed 25 Taliban terrorists in a seven-hour gunfight. This happened right after she watched the horrific murder of her son during an ambush.

According to RT and followed up by International Business Times, the incident happened early morning on November 17 in the Balabolok district, in the Farah province of western Afghanistan near the Iran border. Reza Gul engaged the Taliban terrorists and assisted in killing 25 Taliban terrorists after being enraged when her policeman son was shot and killed. Reza verifies these details in the following statement.

“It was around 5am when my son’s check post came under the attack of Taliban. When the fighting intensified, I couldn’t stop myself and picked up a weapon, went to the check post and began shooting back.”

It should be noted that Reza Gul did not act alone in her assault. A number of family members, including her husband, daughter, and youngest son, assisted by providing her with ammunition. Seema, Reza’s daughter-in-law, opened up about what it was like assisting her mother-in-law.

“The fighting intensified when we reached the battlefield along with light and heavy weapons. We were committed to fight until the last bullet.”

There are more minute details but the video of an Afghan news channel locally reporting on Reza Gul and her family attached below does a fine job expressing the situation, even though it is still in the original Afghan language without subtitles.

What are your views of Reza Gul, the Afghan mother who took on the Taliban and killed 25 of their terrorists? Do you think there could have been another way to deal with the Taliban or did she do the right thing?

[Image via YouTube video screenshot]