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Aubree Houska In Danger? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Is “Concerned” Following Adam Lind’s Arrest

Could Aubree Houska’s visitation with her father be jeopardized by his latest arrest? According to a new report, Adam Lind’s ex-girlfriend, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, has grown “concerned” that his behavior could be dangerous for her daughter.

“Chelsea is very concerned by the new allegations,” a friend told Radar Online on December 3. “She no longer feels she can allow Aubree to be alone with Adam.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Lind was arrested over the weekend after an apparent assault on his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Beaton, whom he began dating months ago after splitting from the mother of his youngest daughter, Taylor Halbur.

Houska and Lind welcomed daughter Aubree Houska in 2009 as cameras rolled for MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. Months later, the pair signed on to be a part of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, which also stars Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Calvert, who the Inquisitr reported quit the show last month. Ever since, Houska and Lind’s relationship has been strained and on the show, Houska has said that Lind’s visitation with Aubree is actually time she spends at his parent’s house.

“Adam’s parents are good people and Aubree loves them, so there’s no reason to take her away from their home,” the source explains. “But Chelsea will make sure they know to be with her at all times. She’s so sad for [Aubree Houska] that she has a dad like Adam.”

During the show’s latest season, Houska pulled Lind’s parenting into question after he allowed Aubree Houska to ride a dirt bike without protective gear. In turn, the five-year-old was left with scrapes and burns. “I know accidents happen and stuff, but he’s just irresponsible,” Houska told her mother on the episode. “He doesn’t try to prevent them. You think, ‘Oh he’ll grow up.’ He’s obviously not growing up. It’s still my problem, even though I’m out of it.”

Earlier this year, during filming on Teen Mom 2 Season 5, reports surfaced claiming that Houska was heading to court to have her custody arrangement with Lind “reevaluated.”

“Adam has multiple court dates coming up and still has yet to get his sentencing over his most recent car accident charges,” a source told Radar Online. “So any visitation is still supervised by his parents, and will be reevaluated once he gets his sentencing.”

According to the Inquisitr, Aubree Houska and her family are expected to return to MTV for Season 6 next year.

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