Miranda Sings: YouTube Sensation Hitting It Big Thanks To Jerry Seinfeld, 'Tonight Show

Miranda Sings: YouTube Sensation Hitting It Big Thanks To Jerry Seinfeld, ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

Miranda Sings is hitting it big, and she’s hating every minute of it.

The YouTube star, who is the alter-ego of singer, comedian and vlogger Colleen Ballinger, has built up a large number of fans with her self-obsessed videos, tone-deaf songs and overall grumpy demeanor. Her videos are what you might expect from a 13-year-old girl who somehow found a camera and taped some warnings to “haters” and songs that show she is oblivious to just how bad she really is.

Miranda Sings caught the attention of Jerry Seinfeld — or, more accurately, Seinfeld’s 13-year-old daughter, Sacha. She insisted that Jerry watch Miranda’s skits on YouTube, prompting Jerry to invite her on to an episode of his web show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Jerry shared with Vulture what he saw in Miranda Sings:

“Well, I remember sitting in my daughter’s room. She said, ‘Hey, you want to see something funny?’ I said, ‘Okay.’ And she hands me her phone, and it’s this video of Miranda responding to hate-mail. I mean, she was just laughing and laughing at this and said, ‘You’ve got to see this.’ I said, ‘Is this something that you and your friend watch?’ She said, ‘Yeah, it’s really popular.’ I watched it, and I laughed, and I didn’t think that much more about it. And then she would say, ‘You want to see another one?’ And I would watch another one. I started to see that there was a very well-developed character there, and a very talented performer. I became very interested in that it was just as funny to me as it was to my daughter, who is 13. Normally I’m not a big fan of the crap that they watch, but this was really making me laugh. I’ve been around a bit, and I can tell when someone’s really funny. This was on a different level comedically for me.”

Jerry has helped Miranda Sings find an even bigger audience. On Monday the two appeared on The Tonight Show together, playing Pictionary against Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short.

Miranda Sings remains in character throughout her skits and even on her website, where she offers a bit of a bio about herself in the style of Miranda.

“it was a cold winters day on december 24 when I was borned. My mom always new I would be a singer because when I was cut out of her stomach i cried. I was homeschooled my whole life and won a lot of tonys for my musicals in my backyard. In 2008 I decided the world should no how famous I am so I put my videos online. Now I tour all over the world performing for my mirfandas. I have millions of views online and have performed in Australia, London, Ireland, Canada, New York City, Hollywood, and of course Pennsilvania. I love my mirfandas! [sic]”

Thanks to Jerry Seinfeld, Miranda Sings now has a lot more “mirfandas.” Colleen Ballinger is working on a television project showing Miranda’s back story, one that Seinfeld is getting involved in as well.