Jian Ghomeshi To Plead Not Guilty To Four Charges Of Sexual-Assault, Released on $100,000 Bail

Jian Ghomeshi, a once respected member of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation due to his contribution as a broadcaster and radio talk show host, has been charged with and fully intends to plead not guilty to four counts of sexual- assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

The investigation into Ghomeshi’s past began on Oct. 31, mere days after he was fired from the CBC due to several women having come forward to police with allegations against him of sexual violence. Three women made official complaints to the police, while many more people have made allegations through the media.

Ghomeshi, a 47-year-old Canadian, who was once well-respected and even may have been considered an icon to some in the world of Canadian media and popular culture, faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment if he is, in fact, found guilty of the charges brought against him.

Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Henein, had no comment for the media as she escorted the worn, yet sharply dressed Ghomeshi from the courthouse, after Ghomeshi had been released on $100 000 bail. Bailed out by his mother, The National Post indicates the orders he was given upon his release.

“A judge released Ghomeshi on $100,000 bail and the former radio host’s mother, Sara Azar Ghomeshi, acted as his surety. As conditions for Ghomeshi’s release, he must live with his mother, cannot have any contact with the complainants and must stay at least 500 metres away from them. He has also been banned from possessing any firearms and has already surrendered his passport. He has been ordered to stay in Ontario.”

The Globe And Mail recounts the words that his lawyer, Henein, was willing to share, “We will address these allegations fully and directly in a courtroom,’ she said as Mr. Ghomeshi stood silently next to her. “It is not my practice to litigate my cases in the media. This one will be no different.”

In addition, The Globe And Mail unveils the core incident that goes back to October 26, 2014, which ultimately was the date the CBC uncovered the necessary evidence which caused them to terminate their relationship with Ghomeshi. Ghomeshi’s own lawyer showed “graphic evidence” and “incriminating photos, videos, e-mails and text messages” to the company’s executives. Executives then determined that the evidence blatantly displayed that one of the women in the photos did, in fact, suffer physical injury.

Ghomeshi claims that he had offered this evidence voluntarily in order to show that the acts committed were consensual, though rough. Mr. Ghomeshi came forward with this information when he was made aware that this information about these “abusive sexual encounters” may soon be released to the press.

Since October 26, Jian Ghomeshi has faced a backlash from the Canadian public via all forms of social media. Initially, Ghomeshi stood firm and fired back. However, as the number of allegations rose, he has slowly silenced himself and refrained from commenting.

On Wednesday, Ghomeshi surrendered to Toronto police at College Park Courthouse and finally made a statement after weeks of not being heard from. He had initially launched a lawsuit against CBC, but recently withdrew it as evidence and allegations mounted against him.

Jian Ghomeshi, www.salon.com
Jian Ghomeshi, www.salon.com

As the National Post indicates, Ghomeshi did say in a Facebook post just a day after being terminated by CBC that he engages in “rough sex,” but continued his attempt to prevent the response he knew was inevitable and claimed that all acts were consensual.

In an additional Facebook post, Mr. Ghomeshi stated that he has every intention to “meet these allegations directly.” As previously noted, Ghomeshi intends to plead not guilty to all charges brought against him.

[Picture via Global News]