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Plurk Update: the quiet achiever


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6 Responses to “Plurk Update: the quiet achiever”

  1. Chetan

    Good to see a plurk related wordpress widget :)
    Plurk is really addicting, and the communication becomes almost similar to the conferences that we see in IM services..

    I am just loving Plurk and its features.

  2. Avatar

    Plurk originally benefited not only from twitter woes but also from pownce woes. some of the most engaged users in plurk used to be most of the time in pownce. i include myself into that camp.

    pownce has a entire month of unstable behavior and a on and off API that caused some of pownce users to jump shift.

    and while plurk may never catch up to twitter it is now third just after friendfeed and already bigger than jaiku and pownce. quite impressive for a service that don`t has a API or official desktop app but that was smart enough to have a good mobile version and a good widget.

    of and have you checked that it got 10 sites dedicated to plurk related things?

  3. deknits

    @Teeg: Just wanted to point out that lots of knitters *are* techies and early adopters.

  4. Smart Boy

    Plurk has been great to me thus far. The wonderful people, fluid design/interface, lack of ads – it all makes for a great social media experience.

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