Promo art for Pizza Hunt's The Flavor of Now

Pizza Hut Treats Thanksgiving Eve ‘Like The Super Bowl,’ Promotes ‘The Flavor Of Now’ Menu

Wondering what to eat on Thanksgiving Eve and before all that turkey (and all the preparation that comes along with the holiday meal)? Maybe you should take a page out of many families’ books and order Pizza Hut. In fact, according to an Entrepreneur article, “pizza is the surprise MVP for many families” on the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Eve is “one of the five busiest days of the year for the pizza industry,” due to many people looking for “a convenient meal” with all the traveling and preparation that surrounds the holiday, and Pizza Hut sees that as a reason to believe that it will be “a record-setting day for the brand,” anticipating selling more than 1.2 million pizzas this year. That’s an increase from last year’s 1 million pizzas.

Other holidays that make the busiest days for pizzas list are New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. Pizza Hut spokesperson Doug Terfehr explains that they take the Wednesday before the holiday very seriously.

“We treat [Thanksgiving Eve] much like the Super Bowl. Early morning team meeting, review of all the new pizzas and specials and plenty of drivers ready to deliver!”

Pepperoni and cheese remains the most popular pizza order, but that doesn’t mean some customers might not aim to try something a little different, especially this year. It is expected that nearly half of the pizzas sold will feature one of the new flavors or ingredients, such as sriracha sauce, fresh spinach, or pretzel crust.

However, as Fox News has reported, those new ingredients may not be welcomed by all customers. Pizza Hut’s promotion of the new “Flavor of Now” menu, the Inquisitr previously reported, includes a series of video ads taking the new pizzas “back to the old country for reactions from real ‘pizza experts.'”

The ad, which you can watch below, declares that “for centuries, Italians have made [pizza] the same way, tradition is king, change is bad.” They wanted “the opinions of the original pizza makers,” so how did they react to the Flavor of Now menu? Most were not happy.

“Why?” one man asks.

In addition, they showed them the “super easy to use mobile ordering site” and got their reactions to other popular topics such as jeggings.

The ad is entertaining and gets the point across, but is it a wise move? Fox News calls the ad part of Pizza Hut’s attempt to “get the idea across that these hip, new pizzas are so cool that only young people get it.”

Will you be ordering Pizza Hut for Thanksgiving Eve? What do you think of the “Flavor of Now” ad?

[Image via Pizza Hut Facebook]