Nurse Whose Ebola Scare Shut Down A Bridal Shop Is Asking For Her Money Back

An Ohio bridal shop that was briefly shut down after word got out that a nurse with the Ebola virus had visited there got another shock today: the former Ebola patient is asking for her money back.

You may remember the story of nurse Amber Vinson and Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal in Akron, which was covered in this Inquisitr report. But if you didn’t, here’s a brief summary: Amber Vinson was a nurse who treated an Ebola patient in Texas back in October. She came down with symptoms and was treated. Fortunately, she lived through it. However, during her treatment it came to light that she had flown on a commercial airplane and visited a bridal shop in the time between when she treated the Ebola patient and when she first came down with symptoms.

Although there was never any threat of its patrons contracting Ebola, the scare cost the bridal shop so much business that, at one point, a crowdfunding campaign was started to provide relief to its employees who were in danger of losing their jobs, on Indiegogo. The bridal shop owner eventually hired a professional cleaner to cleanse every surface of the shop and its inventory, and then reopened.

Today, the shop got a letter from Vinson’s attorney, according to WJW (Cleveland): the nurse would like her money back.

The letter Amber Vinson's attorney sent to Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal.
The letter Amber Vinson’s attorney sent to Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal.

So to recap: the scare the Ebola nurse caused cost the business tens of thousands of dollars, but her lawyer would politely like to ask for her $479.84 back.

Bridal shop owner Anna Younker said, via Yahoo News, that the letter felt like “a slap in the face.”

“It doesn’t make sense. I’m out a lot of money.”

Jezebel writer Jessica Coen writes that she understands Amber Vinson’s reasons for wanting her money back — to a point, that is.

“The sentiment behind this move is slightly relatable. Vinson wants her wedding to be a happy occasion and some unpleasant memories may come flooding back at the mere sight of those bridesmaids’ dresses. And any potential for unhappy thoughts on the big day must be swiftly eliminated; the bride’s uninhibited joy shall never, ever be put at risk. It’s like wedding law, which is basically martial law (but with more flowers).”

Vinson’s lawyer, Stephen Malouf, is rather taken aback by the negative publicity the request has caused.

“I’m sorry that the shop is upset. This was an effort to help the shop and Amber. This was a purely innocent request and I’m sorry it wasn’t received in the spirit in which it was sent.”

For her part, the Ohio bridal shop owner says that she will not be refunding Amber Vinson’s money.

Do you believe that the Ebola nurse should get her money back?

[Images courtesy of: Indiegogo,WJW]