Tower bridge bottle

Tower Bridge Bottle: Glass Smashed On 140-Foot High Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge and a bottle had a meeting this week, and the result wasn’t pretty. According to the Mail Online, a Tower Bridge waitress dropped a beer bottle on a glass pane that made up part of the floor and the pane cracked. A woman then walked on the pane wearing a high heel, and that made it completely shatter. Of course that was frightening because Tower Bridge is 140 feet up in the air. Even still, authorities say that no one was in danger.

“We are gutted it’s happened in the first couple of weeks when it’s been open to the public but it’s completely safe. We should have said no glass on the glass section of the floor. It was a bit shortsighted of us,” explained Tower Bridge head Chris Earlie.

The Tower Bridge bottle incident occurred just two weeks after the bridge’s initial public opening. The bridge is a transparent walkway where people can look down and see incredible views of the Thames River. According to the Huffington Post, the new attraction cost London $1.5 million. Evidently the structure is completely safe even if the glass can be shattered by a glass bottle.

“It smashed the upper, sacrificial layer of the glass that lies over the supporting walkway. It looked a bit scary, but there were no safety issues,” said visitor Peter Gordon, who had been on the bridge at the time of the accident.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, an incredible illustration of the London Bridge was made by an artist who uses tires to create art. Thomas Yang’s work has been called brilliant, and many are fascinated by his strange way of creating some of the most beautiful pictures.

“The tires have to perform well, offering firm grip and easy maneuverability, all the while lasting longer. Different types of patterns offer a combination of these attributes,” reports the Inquisitr.

Of course, the Tower Bridge didn’t have a bottle on the glass floor in Yang’s photos… but hopefully that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Would you be frightened if you were on a platform and the glass beneath your feet shattered? Would you visit London Bridge if you were traveling to the area?

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]