The Cowardly Lion Costume from ‘Wizard of Oz’ Can Creepily Be Yours In Auction

You could be king of the forest as the original Cowardly Lion costume from the Wizard of Oz is actually up for sale, and it could be all yours.

According to Time, the original costume worn by Bert Lahr is going on the auction block in New York this weekend. If you’re looking to have it sit in your home in awesome fashion or maybe wear it occasionally in some creepy ways, then you can do just that.

You’re likely going to have to pony up a good bit of cash though, as a secondary costume of the Cowardly Lion went for $1 million in a sale from recent years. The original is expected to fetch more.

The Cowardly Lion won’t be the only item up for sale though. The Associated Press states that numerous other Hollywood items are going to be sold by Bonhams in New York.

Some of the other items that you can buy at the auction are Marilyn Monroe’s saloon gown from River of No Return, Sam’s iconic piano from Casablanca, and Clark Gable’s riding jacket from Gone with the Wind. The auction is all a part of the event called “There’s No Place Like Hollywood.”

Actually, the auction has officially begun as of 1 p.m. EST, and so many great pieces from Hollywood’s past could be in your hands if you are willing to pay the prices.

The Cowardly Lion costume isn’t the only item available from the Wizard of Oz at the auction. There is also a test dress and pinafore for Dorothy on the block too. Who wouldn’t want something originally owned and worn by Judy Garland in one of the most famous movies ever?

Leonardo DiCaprio is in on that, as he had recently bought a pair of her ruby slippers. He actually bought them jointly with Steven Spielberg and Terry Semel so that they could donate them to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Burt Lahr’s Cowardly Lion costume is indeed direct from the 1939 classic film, the Wizard of Oz from Metro-Goldwyn Mayer

The Cowardly Lion costume was actually owned by James Comisar and Bonhams has indeed authenticated it to be the exact one worn by Lahr. The money brought in by the auction will be used by Comisar to exhibit his gigantic collection of memorabilia that includes items from I Love Lucy, Lost, and numerous other shows and movies.

[Image via MGM]