Kim Kardashian Reveals Oil Used For Paper Magazine

Kim Kardashian Slathered Strange Substance On Her Booty For ‘Paper’ Shoot – Or So She Claims

Kim Kardashian recently showed off her glossy glutes for a very revealing Paper magazine photoshoot, and it didn’t take long for her rear-end to go viral.

Now that the initial shock of her naked stunt has worn off, some of Kim Kardashian’s fans are probably dying to know the answer to this question. How did she make her hiney so shiny?

During an interview with FOX 101.9 hosts Fifi and Dave, Kim revealed the product that was used, so now you too can try to “break the internet” by getting all oiled up. According to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, she gave her bare backside that Silly Putty sheen by slathering it with hair oil.

“I have a hair care line. It was actually my hair oil that I used, a little bit of that. You have to get creative — it was good lighting and oil.”

According to the Daily Mail, the hair oil in question is Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil. Kim Kardashian told Women’s Wear Daily that she also uses the oil to slick down daughter North West’s curly hair.

“I just started using our oil because I needed to slick it [her hair] back and make it stay. I just use a drop of it, but then she brushes it and likes to mess it all up.”

During her FOX 101.9 interview, Kim Kardashian revealed that makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic was the man responsible for rubbing her down with the hair oil.

Interestingly, Mario told a different story when the New York Daily News asked him about the product that was used for Kim’s Paper magazine photo shoot. Dedivanovic claimed that he glossed Kardashian’s glutes using basic baby oil.

“I don’t have a name for the oil. It’s just a baby oil product from Europe. I just sprayed it all over her body from a pump bottle. Everyone keeps asking me about it. It’s so crazy. It’s just a basic baby oil product.”

Surely, Kim Kardashian wasn’t using her butt to plug her hair care line by lying about what Mario rubbed it down with.

Regardless of which product Kim used to get that high-gloss fanny finish, she achieved her goal of getting the internet to go crazy — memes were created, and parody pictures quickly flooded the web.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi even used one of Kardashian’s Paper photos to create a hilarious Christmas card.

If you’re hoping to create your own Christmas card using your own rear, you’ll just have to experiment with both oils above to see if you can achieve the right level of glossiness.

So which “glutegate” story do you believe? Kim Kardashian’s assertion that Kardashian Beauty brand hair oil was used to buff her booty or her makeup artist’s claim that he just used baby oil on her bottom?

[Image credit: Paper]